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    Last Saturday, a fellow at the range had an unpleasant experience with a brand new Springfield Armory M1 Garand. Seems he was trying out the new rifle, and had brought along some hand loads. When they wouldn't chamber properly, he went up to the range house and got some Federal ammo. It wouldn't chamber either, so he used his hand to beat on the op rod handle while standing over the piece. It slam fired out of battery. His injuries were minor, cuts to his right forearm. No one else was hurt. But he could now take his new M1 home in a bag. No one knows if he had a dirty chamber, had not lubed the piece, or what. I guess the moral of the story is please read the manual first. This was at American Shooting Centers in Hou, TX.
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    was this a new Springfield Armory INC rifle??? just goes to show, if a gun won't take and chamber a round than DO NOT FORCE IT!!! something is wrong, either with the ammo or the gun, also it could be operator malfunction. if this was a new in the box M1, there shouldn't have been a problem with it. that said, i would advise to have any gun new or used, throughly checked out by a competent gunsmith, just cause bubba down the street plays around with guns doesn't neccessarily make him an expert. sorry to say alot of new guns comeout of the factory with added on problems. the man is lucky, he should mount his kaboom on a board and hang it on the wasll as a reminder.

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    Papa G
    Story I got was he was firing his 16th rd of Win which he bought at the range. It was a new Garand.
    Hope this data helps.
    Thanks again
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    any place to read about the incident, any links???
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    If on the 16th round he couldn't get another round in the chamber then the 15th round may have torn in half from a machine gun round or bad round {casing} that left a part of the casing in the chamber. The next round get's caught in it and caused a slam fire by firing the round when almost closed. This is what happens if the gun is improperly head spaced also.
    I have seen quite a few casings torn off lately and then the next round wont go it. Luckily the casings were torn past the halfway point so the round couldn't go far enough in to have a slam fire.
    I'm not saying this is what happened but for the stock to blow in half and the op rod to come off but the receiver didn't split or break form the photo's he has shown on another forum I believe it was a bad casing from either cheap ammo or machine gun linked surplus.
    The links are steel and the casing is brass. When poorly stored the elements speed up this corrosion. The brass becomes anodic {sacrificial} to the steel cathodic { protected} and you have a corrosion cell. Were the links touch the brass casing they corrode and the casing splits or tears. Also where the crimp is at the base is a tension point and corrosion will attack this area so the end will rip off or possibly the neck is the only part left in the chamber. By the way I am in Cathodic Protection for the City of Cleveland Water dept and cover 6,000 miles of water main and 24 water towers as big as 3 million gals.
    I get pretty upset with allot of people out there buying any ammo that is cheap for there guns. People are buying Wolf ammo and Wow its cheap but the lacquer comes off and binds up the chamber by building up from heat that makes it come off the casing and bonding to the chamber. This may have happened as well to him. Then folks by cheap stuff because it wasn't stored well and was machine gun ammo. There are many other cheap ammos and they are cheap for a reason not because the seller wants to make you happy. He's peddling off unsafe ammo that isn't supposed to be shot . Be careful out there guys its you're life you are playing with or you're eyes.
    Glen deRuiter died from a exploding gun a few month's back He was a 54 year old professional shooter so dont think you got a handle on it as he proved it can happen to anyone. He was shooting a Lee-Navy and not sure if he had a speacial load or new load but a nice piece of the receiver went into the front of his skull. Please click on link to read about Mr. deRuiter http://www.sarcoinc.com/glenn.html Again please be carefull and watch what you are doing this isn't a cake walk as many folks think. It is in need of the most safety of all things we do since the gun rights folks look for examples. Rick B

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    unbeleivable!!!look at how that stock just split down the middle!!! could you post the site were this was found???
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    I remember several years back, the Canadian company IVI, who supplies to the Canadian Military, went through a really bad period of quality control. I was on the range with the CF with this IVI ammo and some of their 7.62 was just casing, round and primer. Fortunately, this combination left the round just outside the casing when fired and the next round would not chamber. This was happening about 1-20 rounds. They also had some 9mm that was so hot it blew the breach and slide apart on a Browning Hi-Power. I'm not saying that is what happened here, but I agree with Stock Doc, watch what you buy.
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  9. Wow


    Saw this on CMP site. I too have wondered about the quality of the new M1's vs the old. New are cast and machined in many areas and the old are all forged and machined.

    That being said, I also doubt it was the rifles fault, unless the firing pin protruded as was mentioned in another post.

    From what we can decern in the pics is the rifle action, bolt and barrel stayed intact, the wood went boom.

    Please, keep us posted on this as to what Springfield does and what the cause of the KB was.

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    thanks stock doc, for the link. looking at the guys arm, maybe we need to add kevlar sleeves to the saftey item list!!!:eek: :nod:
  11. It just goes to show that when we are all at the range we need to slow down, go over everything with a fine tooth comb, and really look at what we are doing. This guys is very lucky he is not dead or blind.
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    Last Saturday, a fellow at the range had an unpleasant experience with a brand new Springfield Armory M1 Garand.

    This thread was just brought to my attention.

    Your account of what happened is incorrect.

    I, and the witnesses, would like to talk to you in person.

    Are you up to it? We all live in Houston so let us know. This is when the rubber meets the road.

    A man would meet with us and then admit that he posted Bravo Sierra on this board. We will wait and see what you do.

    Tom Eaker

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    I posted the story as it was told to me by 1 witness and 1 range officer. I followed up 3 times at the range office, and the story was repeated as I related it each time, hence the "seems..." aqnd "no one knows...". The witness was seated at the bench next to the shooter. If things are not as I repeated them, then by all means please set us ALL correct. This is of great interest, especially to me, as I am also shooting a new Springfield. I have been greatly concerned by this incident. Please let us know what went wrong, and of course my apologies to all concerned if I have posted incorrect information. If I have offended you personally, or a friend of yours, I will be pleased to apologize to you or your group in person. And I apologize to you publicly, right now and right here. My intent was not to offend, but to pass on a warning based on what was presented to me to be truthful information. You can reach me at [email protected].
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    You are much more of an honorable man than I gave you credit for being.

    I offer my humble apology.

    The M1 belonged to a friend of mine, a Marine with extensive training with the weapon. He fired it several times then another friend fired it. I was not familiar to with this rifle and the owner walked me through loading and shooting it. When it decided to blow up the safety was engaged, no finger was on the trigger and I was bringing it to my shoulder. A slamfire would have happened when I released the bolt, not 2 seconds later.

    I am a safety first shooter. I have no ego when it comes to weapons. I will display my ignorance and ask for help. There were no re-loads or any other BS. The gun was faulty.....period.

    The owner bought two M1s. He has returned them both and is still waiting for his refund. Springfield is no longer a honorable company.

    Here is a picture from a bit later the same day. Notice that I am shooting left-handed.


    We are going to have a "shoot" in New Braunfels next weekend. If you would like to join us send me an email and I will give you the details. Should be fun. The same guy now has a Barrett 50cal. Hopefully I won't blow it up!!

    Best Regards,
    Tom Eaker

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    Is that how you handle what ever you dont like? I dont mean to seem like I am lower myself to argue with you but it irked me to see this kind of talk.

    ""would like to talk to you in person.

    Are you up to it? We all live in Houston so let us know. This is when the rubber meets the road"""

    Come on this is pretty silly and wrong to come to a forum and threaten like this. This is school yard banter that grown ups dont do. "We want to meet you" Why not just you? I'm sorry,, you were man enough to apologies but one day that "Out of the hole attitude will catch up to you. By the way I'm in Cleveland does it matter? Rick B
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    "We want to meet you"

    As in the witnesses. This is not the first time that I have run across mistaken information about something that happened to me. I am not hard to track down if one wanted to ask me questions about the event.

    It has just grown a little tiring. One guy in Canada claimed that the incident occurred to him. That is where the rhetoric about meeting the witnesses started.

    Its a shame you took offense. I should have been clearer.

  17. Mr. Eaker--

    I am in no way trying to aggravate a situation that could have left you maimed or dead. However, I really must ask you this:

    You stated--

    When it decided to blow up the safety was engaged, no finger was on the trigger and I was bringing it to my shoulder. A slamfire would have happened when I released the bolt, not 2 seconds later.

    So let me get this straight--the safety is on, you didnt touch the trigger, and as you are lifting the rifle to your face, it explodes? What kind of ammo was used? Was it surplus ammo? I know you said that it wasnt a reload. Now from the way you describing what happend, I have to ask if YOU or your friend put the clip in the rifle and chambered the round. This is very important. It seems to me, you being unfamiliar with the Garand, your friend loaded the enbloc clip in to the rifle, the round chambered, possibly the bolt slammed into the round causeing a slow cook off and as you were raising it, blam, the rifle is now chopsticks. Is that a pretty fair idea of what happened?

  18. Eaker

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    I was lifting the rifle to my shoulder.

    BRAND NEW - Winchester

    I loaded one round into the weapon rather than using the clip as the rifle's owner had been taught during boot in the Marines.

    Grab an older model Garand and see if you can blow it up on purpose while following the proper user guidelines. You can't or they would be blowing up all day.
  19. It sounds like the bolt slammed into the round and then it slowly cooked off. I cannot believe that SA, INC treated you guys that way either. I am glad that I didnt buy a garand from them. Mr. Eaker you as you already know are one fortunate individual. I wonder what SA, INC stance would have been had you have lost an eye or God forbid killed. Its ashame that they cannot back up a product that they manufacture. I love their pistols. I have a .45acp. I was going to buy an M1-A. After hearing about your incident, I probably wont. I just got an STG-58 FAL anyway. I am still in shock that this could happen with a newly purchased firearm from a reputable firearms manufacturer.

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    What was "defective" on the rifle? Your account makes no sense, "decided to blow up"? No slam fire, safety was on, no finger on the trigger? A round that slowly cooks off doesn't cause the rifle stock to split. What other damage was done to the rifle? Two catastrophic failures at the same time with an inexperienced shooter? Sounds like something is be left out on this story. Thou doest protest to much.

    As you said, grab an old Garand and try and make it explode, it won't or else they would be doing it all the time. Same applies to a new Springfield. If it happened all time this one instance would generate so much attention. As for a matter of fact all instances of catastrophic failure in "new" M1s I have ever found documented all went back to "hot" hand loads and usually a defective barrel added by Bubba the "gun guy".
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