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M1/Remington Garand Contract..

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Hi all,
We all know that Ordnance was looking for one civilian company to make M1 Garand rifles, before WW2. Only 2 companies bid for that production. Winchester and Remington made the bids. Winchester won the bid for Production of the M1 Garand because Winchester was willing to take partial payments. Remington required advance payment. However, Remington proposed a deal at the final settlement at the end of the contract. What was the deal that Remington offered to Ordnance on the production of the M1 Garand Rifle contract?
Thanks again
ps this one should have you checking your books
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I do not know what all of the proposals and contracts were between the Government and potential M1 Garand manufacturers, but I do know that Remington got a contract that had them produce about 100 receivers to prove their capability (I guess a "Proof of Capability" contract). These were machined and finished, as close to a production part as is possible without going into production. I do not remember if Remington marked the receivers with their logo, but the full lot of their production was shipped to Springfield Armory (the U. S. Armory in Springfield, MA, not the commercial one in Geneseo, IL).

When I lived in Seattle, WA, this WWII Marine Armorer showed me a Springfield receiver (that was scrap) that he had ground the surface behind the rear sight to remove part of the Springfield logo ( he said it had looked funny to him, and it indeed looked different, to me too). He had etched the surface with acid, and you could read " . . . mingto . . ." (in script) in the center. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't let it go, with our current cameras, both film and digital, I would have been satisfied with a picture (of course we all know that digital pictures can't be trusted as fact). He moved from Seattle to Louisville, KY, then to Cape Canaveral, FL. and I lost contact after that.

I do not have the source of the written information, at the moment, as I had loaned the book, that had the documented source, to a friend who moved, to Phoenix, AZ before returning it. I want the book back, because it had other information that shed some insight on the M1 Garand and its beginnings, and since this has now come up, I will call him tomorrow.

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