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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oddbawl, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. oddbawl

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    I've traditionally been an Enfield guy, and my first Garand is on it's way. It's a Springfield ser#1997xxx. As far as spare parts, which are the most common to have on hand to keep the rifle going? I can't wait for it to come home!
  2. eclancy

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    The best set of spare parts to have on hand are the following:
    Extractor, extractor spring and plunger, ejector, ejector spring and plunger and a spare firing pin. The extractor which has a 90 deg. is one of the weak spots on the Garand. If it breaks in the field all of the spring and plungers will fly and that part holds the bolt together. I hope this data helps.
    Thanks again

  3. lefty o

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    yep extractor , ejector, springs and its nice to have a combo tool with ya too.
  4. oddbawl

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    I heard from a guy that it's a good idea to have a spare operating rod too, but I'm not sure it sounded like a story that he heard from a guy who heard from a guy etc. etc, about an op rod breaking and almost taking a guy's head off. Is this a legit problem?
  5. Robert C

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    having a spare op rod is a good idea.. but as far as a op rod coming apart and taking a guys head off... well same story here.. hear it from a friend of a friend of a friend... basically it's a BS rumor.......as for me... spares??? heck i have at least 8 of everything..... except barrels :)
  6. oddbawl

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    Yeah, I'm a little nervous, my wife says I'm prone to obsessive behaviour and Garands seem like the perfect excuse, so 8 of everything sounds like a start!
  7. Dennis

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    Odd bawl
    Important safety tip: if you find your self sleeping with your new M1 Garand make sure the action is in the closed position
    You dont want to become the proud owner of an M1 thumb,
    or a M1 ................ well you know what I mean.
  8. Armorer

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    Dang guys,

    I bought every moving part, and them some as spares. Didn't think to get bolt parts.

    Back to the on-line auctons :)

    Thanks for the tip