M1 Thumb!?

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    Hey, I new to garands ( my first is being shipped as we speak from riverbank armory ). I've heard alot about M1 thumb and I have some questions. First how does M1 Thumb happen? How can I avoid it? Does it happen because there is something wrong with the rifle or just human error?
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    It is a natural thing due to the strength of the Op Rod spring. This tension is there to cycle the next round in rhythm with the gas system shoving the Op Rod back. The point M1 Thumb comes into play is when you are loading and you try to release the Op Rod to load or even while just operating for fun {when empty} and you leave you're thumb in the chamber area and the bolt slams forward on you're thumb.
    Many M1's will not close as thought when you load a Enbloc clip since the tension on a new clip is very strong. If you load a weaker clip the op rod will close as you push in the clip and the thumb gets caught again. So be careful as it is a nasty lesson to learn. It is kind of like slamming you're finger in a door and a thumb is big so it hurts allot more I bet {no personal experience "YET"}
    Rick B
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    It usually happens when you are trying to close the action , with the rifle empty . The rifle holds the bolt back , on the last shot , when the rifle is empty . Also , when you cycle the action .

    To close the action , you must push the bullet guide down , a luttle & the bolt is then pulled back a little . This will ffree the bolt to SLAM forward ! If your thumb is still in the action , it is crying tome . :)

    Some times , a person may pull the bolt back , but not quite all the way . It is possable for tension between the bullet guide & the bolt , to hold the bolt in place ( at this point , the bolt is not properly " latched back ) .

    This situation is like a loaded mouse trap . Any movement or shock can send the bolt forward .

    When loading a clip , it is not difficult to keep the thumb out of harms way . In fact , as mentioned in the previous post , many Garands must have the op-rod slapped forward with the heel of the hand , to chamber the first round .

    God Bless
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    If you can drive a stick, or chew gum and walk, no problem. M1's were our drill rifles when I was NCOIC on honor gaurd. I took females from supply and had no problems properly trained and practiced. just don't let your attention wander and don't get cocky, you will be fine. Ods are it will only happen once if at all.
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    There was a post on another forum a while back that discussed how to clean your rifle after using corrosive ammo.
    Well, One guy said that it wasnt uncommon for guys to use the only Hot ammonia solution they had to rinse out thier barrels, You guessed it...Pee.
    You heard of M1 Thumb? This guy had M1 Penis, the action slammed home during the rinsing process.
    Can you say ouch??:nod:
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    Dear Lord I'm think I'm gonna be sick. I'm gonna have a hard time getting that imaginary feeling out of my head {no pun inteneded} Hehehehehehehe Rick B
  7. Dittos, Try this, as you push the clip in, the side of your palm is on the op rod, when the clip is all the way in, snap your hand back as if to salute-QUICKLY. Practice. Remember handling a firearm requires more responsibility than any thing you will ever do on an indiviual basis, just one twitch of the finger can ruin a life. I had Garand Thumb once. OUCH! Bleed like a stuck pig.

    PS: that's what the guy told his wife. Wonder if he showed her again how it happened? hehehe "I was cleaning like this......SLAM!!!
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    LOCKnLOAD Guest

    As to M1 thumb, I use my right hand to hold th op rod back and load at the same time, once I near the clip ckick in the let loose my hand and the first round is chambered.

    My M1'a are 4/44 SA and 5/44 SA, both all correct original condition as well.

    Actually when I insert a new clip of 8rds into the breeth of my 2 garands, they release the bolt when the clip "snaps" into place. The bolt DOES NOT STAY OPEN, and I do not have to slam the op rod handle forward to charge the barrel with the first round.

    Which is the correct procedure? I mean is the bolt supposed to stay open once the fresh clip "clicks" into place?..

    :assult: :nod:
  9. Stock Doc

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    Some do, some don't. Tight spring and loose clips cause it to close easily. Standard spring tension and a new tight clip will make the bolt stay back until gently or sometimes a good push to close. Try it with the two rounds criss-croosed to get a ten round volley off and you can get M1 Thumb. I dont go for those clips that hold two rounds I like crossing two rounds in a clip firing them and then load 8. It takes some practice and shows effort when on the line. Rick B
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    my springfield requires me to pull the bolt back to release it after i load a clip.while my other garand...shove a clip in slap it forward.. its the why i think id prefer. any comments , thanks
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    Is there anyway you could push the clip down with a strong stick or pen saving your thumb from any danger ?

    (M1 penis thats classic :D )

    Thanks for the replies thus far.

    LOCKnLOAD Guest

    Fresh Clip????

    What the hell is that..??? ....some newly manufactured clip or a clip that has just been loaded with 8 fresh rounds?

    I have new manufactured clips and old ones..and both close the bolt bythemselves once the en bloc clip is inserted and "snapped" into place.

    I would like my bolt to stay open after my freshly charged clip is snapped into place. Anyone know how to make that happen since mine does noy.

    A possible spring or some other part replacement??

    M1 penis..WOW..that is funny, well the swelling would be better than an overdose of Viagra..hahaha

  13. The guy who got M-1 penis deserves it for pissing on his Garand.
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    Shot my first Garand match last weekend and I wish I had not used a 2 round clip. While loading I managed to load one round and the other poped out. Still managed to get 10 prone fast fire rounds off. I am going to try the old fashion way of putting in a GI clip and then putting in 2 rounds and closing the bolt. I think the key is just going to the range and practice, practice, practice. I don't think 354 is bad for my first match. It's really easy, don't keep your thumb there if the blade of your right had is not on the op rod.
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  15. Don

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    When I load my M1, I insert the clip and give the op rod a slight tap and it's locked and loaded.
  16. Jack T, 354 out of a possible _____ what? 600 points? What ammo? Do you know about natural sighting? In the 3-4 minute prep time, get into position, aim and then close your eyes for several seconds then open your eyes. If the point of aim changed, move your body over, then try again. Works for me especially on raped fire. Then of coarse the dreaded trigger pull. found myself jerking the rifle to the right and not even firing. Next ATC match, instead of milsurp I'll try my own hand loads using LC brass and 165grain bullets. Usuallly shoot in the 75-80% range.
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  17. Pheww, when the picture was downdoading, thought that it might be a picture of M1-penis. Hahaha.

    Is that a birch stock ?
  18. The only thing your missing is your bloodblister.
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    **Fresh Clip????

    What the hell is that..??? ....some newly manufactured clip or a clip that has just been loaded with 8 fresh rounds?**

    Actually fresh clips (new ones) were common with the CMP ammo when the were selling the clipped, 256 round small cans of ammo. All of those clips, even though dated '66 or '69 are basically brand new clips.
    As for M1 Thumb, I've been lucky to this day and I'm at the point where I can load the clip without looking; you just get a feel for when you should pull the ol' thumb up and out of the way of the bolt. I like the challange. :)
    Dave T