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M14 op rod question

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JS44, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. I have an M14/M1A op rod that I bought from a local gun shop about five years ago as a match op rod. I've never used it on the rifle itself (bought it on a whim for no useful reason at all). I did try to install it right after I got it but the fit was too tight on the receiver and I didn't bother to try to make it fit since there was nothing wrong with the op rod that I already had.
    Nothing I can see on it indicates it's a match op rod. I thought all match parts were marked "NM" but then again all my other parts are just standard USGI so I don't know a whole lot about how match parts are supposed to be marked.
    The op rod in question is marked "7267064 SAK" with the number "11" under the above.
    Anyone know what I have?
  2. If it looks like it may take a bit of fitting,it may well
    be a 'match" component.Most other weapons systems require for a gunsmith to custom fit a match component for absolute minimum tolerances to be achieved. I presume this would apply to the M14 as well.

  3. garand

    garand G&G Newbie

    It depends upon exactly where it won't fit, in the receiver or the op-rod guide. You may only have to purchase a match op-rod guide.
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    I'm not really wanting to install it. I was just wondering if it was a match op rod by the markings. Where it won't fit is the slot for it in the right side of the receiver. It will go in but it binds. I was wanting to know what kind of rod it is so I can maybe put it up for trade on one of the buy & sell boards for an M1 op rod that I need. To do that I need to know what kind it is. The letters "SAK" on it are the mistery. If it were just "SA" I'd know but "SAK" doesn't sound familiar.
    Thanks again.
  5. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    js44- member riccardo has been looking for an M-14 op rod since before christmas last perhaps you and he can exchange e-mails and work out a deal !!!:D :nod:
  6. CryoMarine

    CryoMarine G&G Newbie

    What you have is an op-rod that was made by Saco-Lowell Division of the Maremont Corporation located in Saco, Maine. They manufactured components under government contract and they were also a subcontractor to H&R for M14 components.

    They are well known for producing excellent standard weight NM barrels however, I've never heard of anyone producing NM op-rods. I think the reason why your having problems installing the op-rod has to do with the fact that the op-rod was meant to be used with an M14, which has a center mounting and dismounting slot in the receiver rail. Whereas, with an M1A style, you have an arc in the upper portion of the mounting/dismounting slot. G.I. op-rods can be used with M1A clones however they sometimes have to be fitted to the receiver.
  7. carl

    carl G&G Newbie

    do you wish to sell it ? i am interested.
  8. Right now I'm swapping e-mail with someone who might be able to trade a Garand op rod for my M14 rod. That's what I need.
  9. m14nut

    m14nut G&G Newbie

    The problem, I believe, is as stated B4. The rod on the M1A is slightly different, but can be fitted.