M14 to M14E2 Conversion

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shockwalter, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. shockwalter

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    I'm thinking about converting my M1A to the M1AE2 (M14E2) configuration. Does anyone know where to get the stock, bipod, compensator or sling?:assult: :assult:
  2. Eric

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    Sarco has all of those items in stock most of the time and they're pretty reasonable. Check them out at: www.sarcoinc.com
    Hope that helps. I wanted to get a USGI bipod for my M1A, but couldn't bring myself to...I couldn't bear the thought of marring up my barrel finish. Good Shooting!

  3. Gyrene

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    shockwalter - I understand from some people who have tried the USGI bipod, that it threw their accuracy out the window, because of the location, where it mounted. These people suggest using a commercial one that I can't remember (it is one of the most common ones), which mounts on the wood, rather than steel, and it is a lot cheaper. I do not use a bipod.

    Are you planning to go all the way to select fire? My experience shows that a .308 (7.62 x 51) becomes uncontrollable after the third or fourth shot. A three round burst would have been a good idea on the M14, which of course they didn't have.
  4. Bill K

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    Fred's has stocks also. I'm not sure about pre-ban M1As, but
    if your's is a post-ban a pistol grip stock would be a major BATF
    no-no. I read a post on this same subject awile back (I don't
    remember where) and the BATF told this guy he'd have to take
    away one "evil" feture, ie detachable mag, flash hider, etc to be
    able to add another. They (BATF) said something about silver
    soldering the castle nut, then bringing it in for inspection and
    then they would issue a letter of authorization that would always
    have to stay with the rifle. I would check very carefully and
    disceately before doing any mods of this type. I have heard and
    read too many horror storys. In my opinion, the BATF is not to
    be trusted.
  5. shaddownone

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    Too much to loose not to be careful...

    I'm in Indiana, did the silver solder to the castle nut and carry a copy of the authorization letter under the buttplate. The original is in a safe deposit box. Too much to loose not to be careful.
  6. shockwalter

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    So putting an old E2 stock on a pre-ban M1A would not be a problem? Also, when the M2 bipod folds up, does it have a tendency to scratch the wood on the stock?
  7. oneal

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    Freds has the E-2 stocks. I wouldn't even bother trying Sarco. Be absolutly sure your rifle is preban. Mine is in the E-2 configuration and I have been hassled a couple of times at the range by cops that didn't even know what kind of rifle it was . It was just the pistol grip that made it stand out to them. They were both under the impression that anything with a pistol grip was banned.
  8. Great rifle, kind of a "poor man's Barrett". Carried one in the late 60's, very popular for perimeter guard duty with a starlight scope. (At that time the rifle was an orphan nobody else wanted). Have owned several semi-auto E2's since. Still trying to perfect the right scope mount and accessories.

    The M2 (M-60) bipod is a sorry piece of equipment on the E2--heavy, clunky, noisy, chews up both the stock and barrel/gas cylinder tube. The current military prefers a lightweight, deployable Harris or the equivalent. You can attach it to an E2 stock easily using extra mounting holes forward of the sling mount/folding verticle hand grip. (simplest is to use a standard sling mount stud, second would be to mount a short picatinney rail, which would also afford a light or laser combination mount).

    Summary: M!A/M14E2 is a great all-around weapon for intermediate/long range target work. I have had a pure mil-spec to a rear-lugged/heavy barrel with a monster scope. They were all awesome, and a great building project. In the next war, everyone will be your friend....