M1A and coyotes

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DavidC, Apr 29, 2002.

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    hey folks just wanted to let you know i found another use for my lady today. my son, brother in law and his boys andi shot a few coyotes to day. iused my lady while he used his Rem. semi auto .308 he complained about a sore shoulder after about ten rds. but i didn't feel much after about twenty, anyway to let youknow that the Rem corelokt 150gr. bullet is deadly on coyotes out to at least 100 yrds and they don't move an inch when you hit them. i also used a USGI slip on muzzle brake with great results. god bless andhappy shooting DavidC:assult:
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  2. Wayne

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    Hey David C Sounds like you guys had a great time That is something I noticed when I first started shooting mine Recoil seems more like a push than a kick Shot other semi autos in 308 seems like they are really hard on the shoulder Haven't been 'yote hunting in a long time Sure miss it Just my 2 cts worth Have a good one:D

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    It should be effective out to 400+ yards on coyotes, I have a very accurate .270 and at 200 yards I have gut shot them and they do move a bunch but it is mostly in the direction of the ground and the direction the bullet was going. Never had one try to get up no matter where I have hit them. Not good if you want to keep or sell the fur when you are left with a partly quarterd coyote!!!.