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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jdog, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. jdog

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    I dont know if it's legal to convert a GI carbine to m2 with a GI conversion kit. Could somebody help me?
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    Forget It! First off, unless you are a Class 2 Manufacturer it would be illegal for you to even attempt a conversion. Second off, unless you were a Class 3 FFL dealer, I believe that it would be illegal for you to own the gun after it was converted ( I could be wrong on this aspect...anyone?). It is actually illegal for you to have the parts to convert an M1 to a M2 in the same location as the gun itself even though you haven't attempted to put them together... Aint life grand!
    Best bet is to get a certificate, jump through the ATF hoops, and go out and find a "pre-May" M2...$$$

  3. Calvin

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    DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!! Of all the non-violent crimes you can commit, people who get caught doing conversions without ATF approval do the hardest time in the Federal pen. Get the approval first, then do it, if you want. However, it's easier to just find a legal M2, and do the necessary paperwork. Fingerprints, background check, photograph, and approval from the chief law enforcement officer in your area. Check with your local police chief, and let him know you are planning on buying one. If he's okay with it, the process will go very smoothly. By local, I mean whatever police department you would call if someone broke into your house. The process takes a while, so just be patient. Good luck, and HTH.
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    M2 Carbine from an M1 Carbine

    The only way you can legally do this, as a private citizen, is to locate a legally registered M2 conversion kit, which was registered prior to May 86 on a Form 4. If you do find a legally registered conversion kit, then the kit is considered the machine gun, not the M1 you install it on. Be prepared to spend much $ ($2500 and up) for it, if you are lucky enough to find one someone is willing to sell.

    I bought my legally registered Inland M2 Carbine in 1993 for the sum of $795.00. Wish I had the money to buy more back then.

    Remember all NFA rules apply.
  5. No flame intened, but did this guy stirke anyone else as troll??
    maybe the BATF, is monitering us more than we thought?
    like i said no flame intended, but just a little curious.
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    M2 conversion kits

    8mm Vigilante;

    I most definitely am not an ATF troll. I am trying to straighten out miscommunicated info, and yes there are registered M2 carbine conversion kits out there, just like there are registered sears for the H&K MP5's and registered drop-in auto sears for the AR15. I was just trying to point out that with Class III stuff, you have to play the game according to the ATF rules of you could end up in big time trouble, 10 years and $250,000 in fines is a big price to pay for the wrong information.

    If you don't believe me, go visit the Bower's forum which started out life as a Class III forum and pose the same question.

    No flames intended.

    Chris L.
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    I firmly agree... NFA rules must be abided by. The Dept. of Justice prosecutes any NFA violation with the upmost priority. They seek to make an example of those caught. Even having the parts is conspiracy to commit and just as damaging in court as the act itself. Play it safe.

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    I think . . .

    I think he was refering to the Jdog karachter not you Chris L. Funny he posts this question and the never responds. . . . . . . . .
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    Chris L., I did not post that one post that asked if you were a "troll" but I can understand why 8mm might think that. First, your original post was your first post, second you were registered very recently. Third, some people are very concerned about posts like yours. It would be a good way for a headhunting law officer to get his "man". I don't know 8mm but I do see his view and I hope you don't view him, us in the forums or the site as being nasty or paranoid.
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    If you link back to the membership list you'll see that jdog still has only the one post as of this time. . .
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    Lets not beat up on each other guys... These are supposed to be "open" forums... And afterall, you only have to worry about "the man" if you are doing something wrong, right?
    I am trying to figure out why I haven't gotten an email when you all posed a reply...
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    M2 kit

    All you have to have is the conversion parts and even tho you have never owned a carbine in your life, you are in possesion of an illigal MG. :(
    If it was still legal to do - which it is Not since May 86 - you would merely file a Form 1 - intent to mfg, to convert an M1 to an M2. This would require finger prints, photo and signature of local law enforcement (sheriff, chief of police, head of the hwy patrol, etc)
    and a wait of who knows how long for the approval. Only then could you do a legal conversion. In the intrim you had better Not have the parts at your house, better to have not bought them at all yet!
    Now days the only way to have one legal is to buy a legally registered one on a form 4. :)
    Class 3 for 26 yrs