M2 potbelly stocks

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by militarianut, Mar 15, 2002.

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    Ok I have a M2 potbelly stock and am trying to identify who made it. It doesn't have a selector cut so i was originaly thinking M1 but. . . . No markings at all came with a 4 rivet handguard with No markings. Who made it or who made the M2 stocks. Thanks.
    - myers
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  2. CARman

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    The M2 potbelly stock I have is stamped SA.I'm sure there were others that made them as well.

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    If it does not have the selector cut,and is unmarked, it is probably a commercial and/or foriegn copy. All USGI "pot belly" M2 stocks will have the selector cut out. Sprinfield Armory made huge ammounts of M2 stocks and will be marked SA on the inside of the stock, also Inland and WRA made M2 stocks late in there WW2 production runs. Many many M1 stocks were converted to M2 post was also.
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    M1/M2 Potbelly stocks

    I just got an Inland M1 carbine and it has a "potbelly" stock on it. The cutout is there for the selector. Is this stock definately "not original"? It is cartouched but some of the figures are not totally clear. It has a 4 pinned handguard (high handguard?). The barrel manufacturer is also Inland with a '44 date. I don't know much about these things (as if you couldn't tell...) and everybody that I have asked about this stock has left me with more questions than answers. I know that I need to buy a book on Carbines... I paid $320 for this one which, besides the usual dinged-up stock, is in pretty decent condition... Any help would be appreciated...Thanks
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    I know for a fact it's USGI. Could you explain the selector switch stuff to me please. I must be confused. Is it on the inside or on the wood. I was thinking there was a cutout in the wall of the wood. Sorry I've only been doing this for abput 3 months. I take it that the slector cut is on the inside wall were the trigger housing goes. Thanks. Myers.
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    I believe the selector cut you're talking about is located on the upper left side of the stock, right alongside the receiver as that's where the selector lever protrudes on an M2. There's also some other inletting done that isn't visible with the action in the stock.
    Hal Beatty