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  1. The bolt on my newly acquired M39 is very hard to turn into the cocked position. It looks good and there is no abnormal wear that I can see. When I first took it out so I could clean the barrel it flew apart and I had trouble putting it back together. I didn't force it at all so I'm sure I didn't damage anything. One of the guys at the gunshop put it back together for me in about 10 seconds and took it apart and showed how to put it back together so I don't think he damaged it. It works just fine......it just takes some effort to cock it. Seems like I heard or read about this problem and how to correct it but remember where..........Any suggestions?
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    Not unless you still have cosmoline gunked up somewhere.

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    Check for rough surfaces.
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    i wanna know why it flew apart in the first place?
    and is the firing pin adjusting to tightly?
    if the bolt is a new body it sometimes can be stiff till its broken in, i know mine was, and when i first built mine, the new spring was TIGHT even at 'standard' position, and it made it hard to break in.
    now it works smoothly, but i had noticed some burrs on the bolt body where the other parts 'slide' against it, and took them off with 400grit emery cloth. Just an unfinished bolt body is what i got, had to 'finish/polish' it myself....but a brand new bolt with an extra rebuild kit only cost me $36....so i considered that to be excellent deal.
  5. I don't know why it "flew apart". I know it's easy to uncock a Mauser bolt not intending to when it's been taken out for cleaning. This bolt is just too hard to cock so I'll have to take it apart again and check it to see if I can find anything wrong. Thanks for all the information.
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    Make sure the firing pin is adjusted to spec using the screwdriver tool gauge!
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    yeah, do that....and a well worn mosin bolt will do the same when removed....i thought u meant when u opened chamber the bolt just flew apart....i was gonna say that sounded like the threads in ur cocking piece were nearly stripped rofl, if thats even possible....i can reassemble the front of a mosin bolt quicker than the 'rotating bolt assembly' on an AK....that lil rotating piece on my ak confuses me sometimes :silly:
  8. Yesterday I was in Big 5 and they had just gotten 3 M44s. The sale was over but the manager let me have it for the sale price. They all have the trigger locks installed so I didn't check it out. I bought one and when I got it home I found it had the same problem as my M39. I went back to the store and bought another one and it works just as it should. I'll take the first one back today. I will check the firing pin adjustment today............if it's out of adjustment the spring could be under more pressure causing the problem. Thanks for all your help.
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    yep yep....that'll do it, especially if the spring is newer or hasnt been properly broken in....also if it's a US-made spring, it could be the strands of the spring are thicker, causing it to be harder to compress....and yes, i saw an ebay auction a while back that was selling USA-made replacement parts for M-N's lol. :D
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    I am begining to think this should be a sticky

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liBzwj-K35U]YouTube - Mosin Nagant Bolt[/ame]
  11. wierd way to do it but ok, all you gotta do is make sure you have pressure on the firing pin so it dont go flying, never seen it just slid back into the gun without pulling the trigger down
  12. Mosin Nagant Bolt

    I was hanging out at the gun store today and one of the local gunsmiths walked in and I just happened to have the bolt and barrel in my truck. I brought it in and he took the bolt apart and adjusted the firing pin and said it may lighten up after a while but one thing that would help would be to take the bolt apart and polish all the mating surfaces. Adjusting the firing pin did help some. I mastered the Mauser bolts and the K31 bolts but I dread taking this one apart again. May just put it in the safe and get back to it next year.:):):) Thanks again.
  13. The first couple of times are tricky, but once you have done it a few time it's pretty easy. Now owning 7 MN's I'm getting pretty good at it.
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    even if you own one and take it apart on a regular basis it becomes easier . Like Geo said practice helps ..just book mark the vid and refer to it:)
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    fortunately i had decent enuff memory when it came to reassembly the first time, this was before i had ever even gotten on these forums or ever looked at assembly vids or even diagrams, you can imagine the fun i had, rofl, couldnt figure out why i couldnt unscrew the bolt at back of cocking piece....then i attempted to "tighten then loosen" like someone had told me....well it tightened so easily i was like "hell, guess it's suppose to go this way" rofl :D
  16. it takes me about 30 seconds to completely dissassemble the bolt, and about 5 to completely strip the rifle.
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    First, I'd say clean the bolt pretty thoroughly. The bolt on my M39 was really hard to work with the first time I took it out to the range, but when I took it home and cleaned it with some Hoppe's #9 and a little oil, it's been working great ever since.

    One time, I accidentally took the bolt apart when I was just messing with it. I'd pulled it out of the rifle and was looking at its mechanics and getting to know it (first time I'd ever touched a bolt action rifle), and as I was tinkering with it, it came apart. I shrugged and calmly put it back together within two minutes... just a matter of checking what fits where and how... it really can't be put back together wrong.
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    well, the bolt CAN be put together wrong, but then the idiot(used freely) cant get it back into rifle unless he corrects his mistake lol :silly:
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    When I had the problems with my m39 bolt that Moose helped me with I found that before I cleaned it it was pretty smooth. Then I cleaned it well and it started getting hard to operate.

    Moose can fill you in on what he did for me but after he worked on it polishing the cam parts and adjusting the firing pin it operated beautifully.