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    When I got my M39, the only accessory that came with it was the cleaning rod. No sling or anything else. I'd like to remedy this and get a sling. I came across one for M39's on surplusbunker.com, but am always wary of unfamiliar online stores after having a bad experience with one that was either non-existant or abandoned (but was still quick to bill me). So, anyone familiar with that site, or have their own suggestions? Also wanting a sling for my AK, which came with everything BUT a sling.
  2. I found a sling for one of mine on ebay. It was the real thing and in excellent condition, except for one little detail: some idiot sliced it with a razor knife (probably getting it out of a package), and raised a flap. Since I don't march day after day with the M39 slung on my shoulder, I just glued it back down, and it's held for over a year. Have to admit that green-dyed leather looks good.

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