M4 Chart.

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    Thanks for the link !!

  2. Pretty much common knowledge in the M4 world
  3. maybe to you, but not to the rest of the people spending $1000 on dpms'
  4. Well, truth be told, if I am ever able to buy another, or if I am able to build one, I'll go to and with what I know and know to be built rock solid and accurate. STAG ARMS!!!

    Irregardless of what any chart says or may say. But this chart, and others I've seen, does have it's uses, so, thanks for the link.

    Besides, there's nothing wrong with having something else to help one choose. As long as the info is accurate and it also isn't biased...Not saying this is or isn't.
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  5. yeah it's good to know. some of the stuff on the chart doesn't apply to everyone so it's umimportant to get something you don't need. this just lets people know what select model's have.
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    Indeed - that chart is just based off of Mil-Spec but it is very good to know what exactly that means when it comes to individual components and how far from specs certain models/companies stray.

    Made me feel better about my colt/bcm combo :D

  7. For that money you can put together a Bravo Company build and have a mil spec, top quality rifle. Trust me on that one. I have 7 AR-15s and all have Bravo Company components

    Here is my latest build. About $2500 in this one here

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  8. I love those vltor stocks. i was thinking of putting one on my build now. I am building a DD. It's looking like it's gonna be around 1600 for just major components. I still haven't decided on optics yet. Are you active beer? if so who are you with?
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    I kept getting a pop-up in the link telling me about all the other people signing on to look at it. Apparently I'm not the only one who spends his lunch hour on the web. :)
  10. hey at least you're doing something productive!
  11. My best friend works for Vltor and they are in based in my home town, so I get the stuff at cost. I have the Vltor MUR upper, the Vltor CAS V rail system, Vltor Scout Mount, Vltor Flash Hider, and Vltor QD sling swivels all on that one build

    I am active duty. a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with the Marine Corps in 1st Mar Div 2/1. I leave for deployment very very very soon
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    Beer ,be safe Godspeed.
  13. pendleton, huh? where you guys headed? I'm guessing afghan since you have a plate carrier. my unit(3/8) just got deployed to pakistan. I'm supposed to EAS the 22nd of this month but I'm getting medheld for a broken wrist.
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  14. Pakistan, I wish that is where we were going. Afghan for us.
  15. yeah i got back from afghan about a year and a half ago. from what i hear it's not too bad anymore. I mean it's still a war zone and troops are still dying but it's calmed down a little bit. a lot of the places we wouldn't go near without serious firepower have forward operating bases on them. Regardless stay safe and keep your head down. When in doubt, start shooting, you always retain the right of self defense. PM me your address when you get it and i'll send you some care packages. maybe we can get some kind of donations going on here to send some to your platoon. maybe skivvy shirts with G&G logos on them

  16. Where we are going is going to be pretty kinetic and a lot of stuff going down with a lot of down time in between.
  17. I don't really want to post anymore than I already did. OPSEC and all, PM me if you want