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  1. I called around today and I am having problems finding a Smith with the guages to check the head space on my M44.

    Since I cherish the way my head and body looks, and cherish living, I really, really don't want to go and shoot it before I have it checked out, does anyone have any suggestions on how a novice can check, or be relatively sure, the head space is OK?

    I had on 'wiseguy' (or maybe he isn't) tell me with a serious tone of voice to take the gun out in the boonies.....weight it down so it doesn't move much, tie a dang string to the tigger........back off a good distance and pull the trigger....and then check the cartridge for marks, bulges, etc......mmmmmm.

    Granted, I sure can't hurt the finish of the gun much more than it is...but that idea sure seemed like a last ditch idea and I told him that.

    One of his reponses was that a lot (and he claims they are out there) gunsmiths will TELL you they headspaced something when they either didn't or they have the wrong guages.

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    From my limited experience, Mosins sure seem to have fewer headspace problems than most other types of rifles. The rimmed cartridge design certainly helps. I agree, though; I'd still check it first. Brownells usually has Mosin headspace gauges in stock. If you order one tonight, it should be there by the weekend ! And, you know perfectly well that there will be more homeless Mosins knocking at your creosote bush door....that gauge will come in real handy.
    I have to admit that I actually executed the ol lanyard (string) test fire on one Mosin 91/30 (while cowering bravely behind my truck). The headspace was fine on this particular rifle, but the barrel was the roughest, hairiest looking mess I'd ever seen (even after scrubbing it with everthing on my bench). Fearing the worst Elmer Fudd (how'd spell his name, anyway?) disaster, but unable to suppress that little "gotta shoot it" voice in my head, I yanked the lanyard and she fired just fine. And, after a few dozen more rounds (without the lanyard; firing her like a man...), the barrel looked much better.

  3. I did the string thing once when I accidently loaded my black powder with two charges. I dont think I coulda held on to that one. 180 grains of Pyrodex makes for one big boom!
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    Guess Im just not that bright...I always shoot with 1 hand to test fire the new C&R stuff...extend my arm (on my blind side) The public range I use looks down on remote fired firearms but seen the string fired Mosin recomended on a lot of Mosin forms.......Only head space problems I had was on a Turkish mauser....causes it not to fire most of the time...so kinda of a click, click boom setup.
    Seen the head space gauges on the web...just can see spending $20 to check a $50 rifle...
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    My buddy and I just purchased Polish M44s and after reading about headspacing I ordered a no-go gauge from Midway for $23.95. The cost is half the price of the rifle but it is worth it for peace of mind and I think these rifles are interesting enough that I and friends may buy more.
  6. Ron,

    Thanks for the headsup.

    Another site eludes to the need for a Go and a NoGo guage (two).

    I have no idea if I interpret it wrong or what.
  7. I looked at Midway but I didn't see any 7.52 X 54 guages.

    I saw a lot of Go and No Go for a lot of other calibers but not that one...oh well.

    BTW, does anyone know the difference of the Go and No Go guages are?

    What I mean is what does each one do? Do you nead both? If not, which one to get...the Go or No Go?
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    Someone posted this web site with good info. I believe you can get by with a no-go gauge and use a fresh round as a go gauge. The Midway gunsmithing catalog has the 7.62x54R head space gauges, #117-547 for no-go.
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    Concur with "Ron Y".

    The bolt of a rifle within factory headspace specs should close on the GO gauge and NOT close on the NO GO gauge. As Ron Y stated, you really only need the NO GO gauge unless you are rebarreling or rechambering the rifle. If the bolt will close (without excessive force) on a cartridge, then it pretty much passes the GO test.

    Brownells (www.brownells.com) @ 1-800-741-0015 should have 7.62x54 NO GO gauges in stock.
    The "Dave Manson" brand stock # for a NO GO is: 513-100-501. Price is $20.00.
    The "Clymer" brand stock # for a NO GO is: 184-100-501.
    Price is $30.00.
  10. My 44 bolt closes fine and ejects the shell as expected.

    I thought I read somewhere that if your chamber is worn, sufficiently, that when you fire it causes backward pressure causing problems. If that is the case I am confused because the bolt can still close on the shell but the chamber might be worn.

    But, I am trusting you guys. Sure sounds like you have far more knowledge about this than I....fer sure....yepper.

    Oh yes, thanks a heap for your the info, you too...muchas gracias.
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    A word about headspace gauges and checking headspace:

    First, most headspace gauges are not relieved for the extractor. This means the gauge should be modified for extractor clearance or the extractor removed from the bolt to properly check headspace.

    Second, headspace gauges are a cheap enough investment for your personal safety. Most military surplus rifle owners are collectors with more than one gun. This means the gauge gets used multiple times or passed around to their friends who have guns also.

    Third, you can get headspace gauges allready cleared for the exractor American made, easy to use and at a good price of only $16.00. You order them direct from the manufacturer, Yankee Engineers in Massachusetts. They have a web page for more information.

  12. OldBolt,

    That is valuable info...fer sure.

    The site you linked is great and I do believe I will go with them...they include instructions for dummies like me.

    Much thanks!
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    Great price for head space gauges. I'll know where to buy them in the future.