M44 Range Report

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Ron Y, Sep 10, 2002.

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    I fired my Polish M44 with the sewer pipe bore for the first time today. I used Wolf 148 grn non-corroseive ammo prepped for fire lapping with a Wheeler kit. The bore cleaned up some but the last inch or so at the muzzle is void of rifling, maybe counter bored. I never did get it to group, possibly because I didn't extend the bayonet. I also fired my newly acquired Russian M44 with laminated stock, very good bore. These rifles are a lot of fun to shoot but addictive. I pick up a Hungarian M44 on Thursday. Another trip to the range next week. Good thing I bought a no-go gauge.
  2. They are a lot of fun to shoot, aren't they?

    When I shot mine I shot roughly 250 yards so my groups weren't tight at all. But they were all in, what would be, the size of a person's chest area.

    I also shot Wolf but I never paid any attention to the ammo specs......but it shot well even for 'cheap' copper cased ammo.
    Mosins are addictive but I have a greater addiction....that being addicted to ANY (well almost any) older military rifle types.

    The variety of rifles, variety of actions, etc. just amazes me. To think that all rifles meet the one objective....to fire effective rounds at the enemy it still amazes me the difference in the personalities the designers put into their guns.

    The one technology that has me the most awed is the straight pull-back bolt action of the Schmidt Rubin. It's one piece of technology that I think is very effect yet, at the same time, seems improbable at the time. But it's there.