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    Well, I picked everyone's brain here, got great info, and then had to drop off for a few weeks! Got my rifle finished a while back, and came here to try and post pics but the site was down for a while I guess.

    Anyway, here's my Big 5 1945 M44. I loved the look of the wood stock, and was looking forward to refinishing it like Kismet did his, but it just wasn't that comfortable stock, and then my son got me an ATI for my B-day in late March, so I swapped. Wish I could change back sometime, but without being able to get new barrel rings on I don't think that's possible.

    So here it is, excuse poor pics. ATI stock, sanded some high spots from the molding process and then touched up those areas with OD camo paint, quick and dirty camo paint job! OD green Super sling II with QD swivels, a bolt pull ring swap out, and then an old Uncle Mikes stock cartridge loop thingy I had laying around.

    As mentioned previously, I had my 'smith check the headspace, which is all good, and removed the bayonet of course. The bullet in the pic is my 1 round of ammo. Once I get some ammo I'm off to the range and will let you know how it does. For now I like it very much as a knock around deer rifle.

    I wasn't going to get a scope, but after seeing Kis's long eye relief scope, I'm not so sure...!

    Here's pics:

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    See now, I love the look of your rifle.

    As I've said, it was with iron sights I shot this year's deerses.

    We'll see. The M-N was not designed with delicate handling in mind. "Knock-around" is a good thing, to my way of thinking. I doubt that I would have gotten another centerfire rifle if it were not: cheap, durable, and reliable.

    I'm not a collector, nor really any kind of sharp-shooter. If I could not have used it in crappy weather and with casual handling, I wouldn't have gotten it.

    "Minute of deer" is my sense of accuracy.

    Be well and safe.

  3. Sir I think your rifle looks EXCELLENT and I'd love to have it.
    You did a nice job and your to be commended.
    The stock looks great to me and over all it looks like it all blended together perfectly.
    Good Job !!!...A.H
  4. Nice. I chose the ATI Camo stock..

    Add the LER scope you will not regret it. If you want to go first class Nikon makes one (~$269) but the NCStar (e-bay) works well for $50.
  5. Turned out pretty dam good svashtar. Good job.
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    That's one heck of a job! She is a beauty!