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    Well, I picked everyone's brain here, got great info, and then had to drop off for a few weeks! Got my rifle finished a while back, and came here to try and post pics but the site was down for a while I guess.

    Anyway, here's my Big 5 1945 M44. I loved the look of the wood stock, and was looking forward to refinishing it like Kismet did his, but it just wasn't that comfortable for me, and then my son got me an ATI for my B-day in late March, so I swapped. (I know Sacrilege! :no:) Wish I could change back sometime, but without being able to get new barrel rings on I don't think that's possible.

    So here it is, excuse poor pics. ATI stock, sanded some high spots from the molding process and then touched up those areas with OD camo paint, quick and dirty camo paint job! OD green Super sling II with QD swivels, a bolt pull ring swap out, and then an old Uncle Mikes stock cartridge loop thingy I had laying around. A little oxpho blue at the muzzle and a couple of other small touch-ups, and then polish. Overall the finish was great on this one. (Minor lathe marks on the upper barrel under the old handguard. Normal?) Then spent an hour on the bore, and it looks very bright and sharp.

    As mentioned previously, I had my 'smith check the headspace, which is all good, and removed the bayonet of course. The bullet in the pic is my 1 round of ammo. Once I get some ammo I'm off to the range and will let you know how it does. For now I like it very much as a knock around deer rifle.

    I wasn't going to get a scope, but after seeing Kis's long eye relief scope, I'm not so sure...!

    Here you go:



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  2. Very nice. The only Mosin I ever bought with a synthetic stock was an M39 (speaking of sacrilege), and I had to flatten my cheek into the stock to see through the sights. Didn't do my accuracy any good, or my cheekbone either. So I ordered a postwar Finnish stock for it, and gave away the synthetic one.

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    Oh no, you bubbified it! Don't let the people at the Mosin-Nagant Forum find out!

    As long as you like it, it's fine with me. I like the ring on the bolt knob there. Seems like it would make it much easier to put it on "safe".
  4. Loverly. You can't bubbafy a post war M44. It's just another carbine.

    I have a couple of M44 Tula's, a 1937 91/30, and an M39, that will stay original, but I love the way these rifles look in a synthetic stock. I'm partial to Camo. Add an LER scope and it's a rework of art.

    The Mosin Nagant is truly a classic design.
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    Thanks! I think my next (and last of course!?) MN will be an M38. That one I will keep 100% original, and I'd like to look around and find one from 1947 or '48 or so, from what I've read here. I will probably refinish the wood to clean it up a bit, but will leave all the rest as it left the factory.

    In retrospect for this project I should have used an M38, and then got a late '40's M44 to keep all stock. But I _suppose_ I could get another. :D

    I also need to read up here on which scope mount/scope combo would work best for this ATI stocked one. Troy is correct, and I do have to move my cheek down to use the iron sights because of the raised cheekpad on the stock. However, I have a good slack belt sander and believe I could take it down a bit if I wanted to, although it wouldn't be an issue with the scope.

    There's something about hitting your target with iron sights that's much more satisfying though!

    Thanks for all the info here.

  7. I Like It and you did a great job on it ! Thanks for the pictures too...A.H
  8. I think you are on the right track. Post war carbines have a tendancy toward better bores and metal in general. My 48 is pretty much new as is the 47 that has become Camo Natalia. The 48 is the last of the Russians so it will stay original except refinishing of the stock (done).

    The M38, M39, 91/30, M44 Tula, M44 Tula Hex will stay pretty much as received except for cleaning. I may refinish some of the stocks as I did with the 91/30 (beautiful wood under the crap).

    If you like shooting iron sights (and it is fun to be good at 100+ yards) then you might want to save up for an M39 Finn. The top of the line for Mosin Nagant's.

    Hope you enjoy shooting a great rifle... and future rifles to come.:)

    Originally from Monterey, and spent a little time picking strawberries and hunting rabbits and qual in the fields near East Garrison, Marina, and Spreckles in my younger days. First graduating class at Seaside High (old dude).
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    Slippery slope, Norm. Slippery slope.

    Keep in mind your animal totem is the bunny, known for its tendency to multiply. We've seen that behavior in the past now, haven't we? :)

    Get any more bullets, or still going with that one?
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