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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ltcboy, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. I know that I am going to buy one. Do I get Russian, Polish, etc, . I am knew to the Mosins. Is there a difference in quality from the differant countires that made these rifles?
  2. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    i haven't seen the chinese versions but of the other models that i've seen,the russian and polish models have been the best as far as fit and finish,the only romanian and hungarian m-44's that i've looked at have been machined and fitted a little rougher.i don't think the mechanics are any better,just the cosmetics.personally,i have a 1944 russian with the laminated stock,it's a real pretty gun and shoots great.overall though i don't think you can really go wrong with any of them.good luck on your search but be warned,they are very addictive! (not that that's a bad thing!)

  3. I have 3 Russians, 2 Hungarians and a Romanian. I think Toolman is right about the fit and finish but it doesnt mean squat when it comes to accuracy. My favorite shooter is a Hungarian and is very accurate. I dont shoot the Russians much as they are unissued. One of the unissued Russians has more rough machining marks on the receiver than the 1953 Hungarians. Just gotta look. They are ALL good!