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m77 triggers

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by bob, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. bob

    bob G&G Newbie

    ok guys, what's the secret, how do you get a decent trigger pull on a 77, the old original ones with the tang safety, that is? i hear brownbells ahs a lube, i hear someone makes a "drop in", i hear you gotta stone 'em. i am :confused: , confused that is! bob
  2. snake

    snake G&G Newbie

    M-77 trigger

    Timiney makes a good one

  3. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    My .22-250 Varminter is wearing a Canjar, very sweet. My exploded-view book shows early Ruger 77's with an adjustable trigger. Was this dropped later?
  4. Re: M77 trigger

    The old model M77 had a tang safety and an adjustable trigger. The new (MkII) has a Winchester style safety, and a not so terribly adjustable trigger. If you are shopping for triggers, get one that works in your M77 model.
  5. bob

    bob G&G Newbie

    do any of you have data on how to adjust the old trigger system? and yes there was a change made, i think at the same time they changed the safety. this rifle evidences the ability to shoot VERY well, but the trigger is terrible! i've put up with it since the late 70's and it's time to change it or sell it! have heard of the timney, had one years back on a '98 mauser and it was very nice, shot a m70 winchester with a canjar, also very nice, but research tells me that neither is a "drop in" on the ruger and are best installed by gunsmith. since i live in 'west nowhere', i have little access to a smith! appreciate your comments, bob.
  6. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    Not trying to be opiniated, just something i found from Carmichael.

    Does a corporate attorney serve his company well when he advocates reducing the quality of the firm's product?
    About a generation ago a pestilence of greedy lawyers set upon a complacent and well insured gun industry like hungry wolves devouring fat lambs. the soft underbelly of the gun industry, they were quick to discover, was trigger mechanisms that could be adjusted- or maladjusted-acording to the owners whims. gun makers, stunned by often absurd awards to ill deserving plaintiffs and their lawyers, reacted with what has become know in the industry as "lawyer proof" triggers. this could be well and good except these lawyer proof, adjustable triggers almost unfailingly have a weight of pull of more than 5 lbs and sometimes twice that. the fallout of this affliction is that the owners of such guns are often tempted to take it upon themselves to lighten the burdensome trigger pulls. such amateurish tinkering can result in an unsafe fire arm/ unpleasant situatiuon that could have been easily avoided if the gun had left the factory with a trigger pull of a desireable 3~3.5 lbs. thus the ? becomes, how clear are the concequences of gun makers and their corporate attorneys knowing the consequences of their self serving caution may be an unsafe gun?
    just something to think about while yer on the jon.
  7. live2hunt

    live2hunt G&G Newbie

    the adjustable trigger is changed by screw in right on the trigger, i mean right on the trigger. it is an allen type head. mine worked out good.
  8. Re: M77 trigger

    Near as I can tell, Brownell's carries a Timney Sportsman trigger for the M77. Should fit right on ($80 or so).
    Going to adjust yours, you have creep, pull, and backlash to worry about. I know part of the tests when you have it adjusted are: does it fire when you cock it? does it fire when you put it on safe? does it fire when you take it off safe? does it fire if you bump the recoil pad on the floor? Don't do these tests with a live round chambered. You could end up on somebody else's list.
  9. lyon

    lyon G&G Newbie

    I've got a 220 swift with a canjar trigger, 2lb. pull. Very nice. bought mine with it on already.