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    I just got back from my local gun haunt with a J&G M91/30 Hex receiver. Real nice 1930 Tula manufacture. I feel pretty lucky. This was a hand select. Anyway they had in the store a M91/30 (round receiver) with not the Izzy mark but rather the Tula star but inside the star was a rectangle with the letter "n". I guess if you were looking at it, it could also be a "U" from the other direction. Anyway the store owner, the sales guy, and myself studied it with a magnifying class and a lite. We all agreed that it does not look like it was stamped over. The bad part is I already forgot the date. Also, after looking at the identification pictures on the 7.62X54r net (and finding nothing like it) I did notice the upside-down triangle with a "T" in it on the net. There also was an upside down triangle on this M91/30 as I recall but I do not remember if there was anything in it.

    Question is does anyone have any ideas as to where this was made?

    I need to go back in perhaps tomorrow if my Tula M44 comes in so I will then write down what is on the receiver. At my age "CRS" has pretty much taken over.....

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    Really need a pic to see!

  3. The T in the triangle sounds like a Finnish rifle made by Tikka. If you go back see if there is a rectangle with rounded corners with SA anywhere on the receiver. If so it is a Finnish made rifle.

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    The Tula Star should have an ARROW inside of it....
  5. SwedeSteve

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    I know of no "star" with a triangle in it! Doesn't mean it doesn't exist!
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    +1 exactly
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    Seeing as though I have found some weird stuff it may be. The thing I find a lot is rifles with a tula star that has a very light strike. One of my Tulas has the top point of the star that did not strike. Interesting.
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    Most "triangle" markings point to Romania, I believe.
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    Someone needs to tell those Romanians that it is not polite to point.:hitwithrock:
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    Some Tulas that have been

    refurbished have the arrow missing in the Tula star. I had several that just had the Tula star. The other markings are most likely just refurb makings.
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    No telling. This is another reason why I love Mosins!