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    Well, I guess while I was at my daughter's graduation yesterday, a guy(the President of the Machine Gun Club) came into the Gun Shop and showed off his Czech M91/38! Dang, I would have loved to seen that rifle!
    I guess I need to join the Machine Gun Club!!!!!
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    Join that club Steve! I have never shot a machine gun and would love to. But with the price of ammo these days one would need a small business loan to pay the ammo bill!

  3. I had two .50's when I was a GM in the Coast Guard. They be fun, and I could shoot them on the taxpayers nickle... Doh!!!
  4. jimb2

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    I used to own a registered M2 carbine. At 750 rpm, it was a bit expensive to keep fed.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    I'm not too interested in shooting a MG. Did plenty of that! But would like to chat with those guys. Also, if I am correct, they do a group ammo buy, and barge it in.
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    I had two 5" 54's Geo so nanner nanner LOL:banana:
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    Dave Has a very nice collection of Mosins as well as some F/A weapons,
    But he won't even talk selling them....
  9. Anybody got a list of all the Mosins made? Everytime I think I know all the different models I hear about another one! A 91/38 a cut down, carbine? What's it about? Maybe we should made a thread off all the different models and see if we can't all come up with them? Just food for thought. lol
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    tex, if you don't want to own a full auto, there is a range called The Gun Store in Las Vegas where you can. It's located at 2900 East Tropicana and is open 9 - 6 seven days a week. It's 3 1/2 miles from the MGM Grand on Tropicana. They have their own indoor range and have available full auto Thompsons, M3 "grease guns," Schmeissers, Madsens, M-16s and AKs for rental.

    I believe the way it works is you get a brief safety class from them, buy the ammunition from them, and shoot under supervision. I have no interest in gambling, but if I ever get to take a Vegas vacation (fat chance; my wife HATES the very idea of Las Vegas), I plan to go there and buy time with the Thompson and the Schmeisser because my Dad carried both at different times in World War II and I want to see how they feel and shoot.
  11. SwedeSteve

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    Figured so Moose. Would like to see some of his Mosins though.
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    if you live anywhere close to kentucky--or really any where in the eastern half of the US you need to try to get to the Knob Creek machine gun shoot sometime. its in West Point, KY. twice a year. usually the beginning of april and again in the beginning of october. you can rent machine guns most of the time (as long as the bottom rental range isnt flooded) and they have several shoots throughout the day. on saturday after dark they have a night shoot. its amazing. you can also rent flame throwers and take a helicopter ride. massive amounts of ammunition and military arms and all kinds of accessories there too. oh and you can buy used military mules. all kinds of stuff. any one who has never been needs to look it up and mark it on their calendar for this fall.
  13. SwedeSteve

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    Sounds like a great time matt!
  14. gandog56

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    I'll show him mine if he shows me his!:09:
  15. i had that in another thread, ill go and find it.

    EDIT:heres the list for ya sean:
    1: M1891 Infantry Rifle
    2: Dragoon Rifle
    3: Cossack Rifle
    4: M1891/07 Carbine
    5: M1891/10 Carbine and Rifle
    6: M1891/29 (Carbine?)
    7: M1891/30 Rifle and Sniper variant
    8: M38 Carbine
    9: M44 Carbine
    10: M1891/59 Carbine

    these are Russian variants only, wikipedia has a fairly complete list
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  16. The CG was only a 2 year stint. The 8 years before that were in the NAV.

    Did time as the mount 51 magazine captain off Danang on a DDG out of Pearl. At 1 round every 3-5 seconds, and considering it's a 70 pound bullet, it's darned near a machine gun. Definately kept us humpin keeping those 2-20 round drums filled.:) As the magazine captain I was the guy the gunners mates yelled at to feed more ammo.:hitwithrock:but they always bought the first drink(s) when were in port.:)

    Definately a cool gun... but the .50's were easier to use...

    I will be nice and not nanner, nanner back at ya.:09:

    Don't forget the hex and round receiver varaints on both the 91/30 and M44...
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    drools over the knob creek shoot......i wonder if you came with a carbine if they'd consider it a rifle, hand-held cannon, flame-thrower, or a mix of all 3? lol
  18. SwedeSteve

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    I think everyone would be smirking a little until you touched one off!