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  1. Does anyone know a GOOD internet source for the 8 X 56 ammo for the M95?

    I've searched around Arizona, high and low, and can't seem to find any.

    I read on another forum where someone was saying you can shoot regular 8MM (8 x 57) in it. But, there was no posts following his disputing or confirming it nor were there any comments about it, period.

    Consequently, I've also searched the internet for information about being any claification on the 8 X 56 - 8 X 57 comparision.

    And, I'll be danged if am going to try and shoot the 8MM without reputable confirmation that it's possible and, more importantly, safe.
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    there were some M-95 carbines rebarreled to 8X57 mauser by Yugoslavia it think back in the 1920's and 1930's. general opinion i have read is that its not a safe conversion. perhaps reduced loads would be all right. seen several references to Sportsmen Guide for 8X56r ammo.:D

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    SAW THE POSTING..........

    about the guy claiming to have used 8mm mauser in his stery. from the sounds of it, him being new to the board, and all the replies it got, sounds like a B.S. artist trying to start something.:nod: :fuss: ;)
  4. I thought the same thing Papa since the 8 X 56 is rimmed and the 8MM is not.

    He may have rebarrelled the gun though, I don't know.