Magazine Declares Chelsea Clinton a Sex Symbol

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 9, 2002.

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    I looked hard at the picture (link at bottom of message) and I dont see it....I mean maybe after a case of Bacardi 151 and a coke but hay I only got 1 eye and bad taste so maybe its me.

    Magazine Declares Chelsea Clinton a Sex Symbol

    March 5: Chelsea Clinton attends a fashion show in Milan, Italy.
    Wednesday, May 08, 2002

    LONDON — It's a long road from gawky adolescent to twenty-something sex symbol, but Vanity Fair magazine says Chelsea Clinton has made the transition.

    The magazine pronounces the daughter of former President Bill Clinton "the new J.F.K. Jr.," referring to the good-looking son of former President John F. Kennedy, killed when his private plane crashed in 1999.

    In an article that exhaustively analyzes Chelsea Clinton's time at Oxford University and her previous, more sheltered life in the White House and the Arkansas governor's mansion, Vanity Fair says she's recently grown more flamboyant and more comfortable with her public profile.

    The change "has done what no one would have thought possible years ago, when Chelsea was a girl with braces in billowing Laura Ashley dresses," the article says. "Chelsea Clinton has become a sex symbol."

    The story appears in Vanity Fair's June issue, which goes on sale Friday.

    "Most presidents' children, they sink like stones once their parent leaves office," Vanity Fair quotes presidential historian Gil Troy as saying. "But this is a different age."

    Clinton reportedly had trouble adjusting to British life when she arrived last year, writing in Talk magazine that it was "hard to be abroad" after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and complaining of anti-Americanism.

    Since then, she appears to have grown more comfortable, and often is photographed at hip London hangouts or with Hollywood celebrities. Her romance with American Rhodes scholar Ian Klaus is a favorite topic for tabloid newspapers.

    The magazine suggested Clinton might be eyeing a future in public life. She declined to be interviewed for the story, and when asked during a photo shoot whether she had political aspirations, she said, "I'm just trying to be a student.",2933,52309,00.html

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    Doglips, I hate to see you give up your name, but I think I see someone more deserving!

  3. Doglips

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    I cant stop laughting long enough to reply but I do believe you are right.
  4. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha, what TKH said!!!!

    :drink: = anyone who thinks shes a sex symbol.
    I think the only thing she is, is a poster child for contreseption.
    But i to also have only one eye and bad tast.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    My Arse

    If she is the next JFK then I need to get a modeling contract for my dunghole.

    This is just another example of the media fascination with the Clintons. I have seen better pictures of her and I have to say that if I were Bill Clinton that photographer would have joined the list of dead people asscoiated with him.

    Must be part of that right wing conspiracy to make fun of her.
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  6. Benny

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    I've seen some ugly girls... but my oh my... Chelsea is definitely a Doglips lol

  7. Klaus

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    Well, I would not call Chelsea ugly, but she certainly is NOT a sex symbol. I do hope she can distance herself from her scumbag parents, though.
  8. Oxford

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    Ian Klaus????Or just plain Klaus???Which is it?


    Are you related to Ian? (ha) Just kidding.

    Bet you'd just as soon not have any association with Klington's offspring.

  9. PAPA G

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    once again the brits have proved to the world they are not normal. se is one ugly chick!!!! and about as sexy as a wet noodle.
  10. Firemedic

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    She has the kinda lips only her father could love.
  11. Big Dog

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    Just proves that Bill and Hillary swam in the shallow end of the gene pool. Uh oh, there goes breakfast!
  12. lefty o

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    to each their own, but i think she hit ****ed near every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Why is chelsea so ugly?

    You would be too if Janet Reno was your daddy.
  14. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    After seein her picture, it would be as firm as a wet noodle.....tee hee!!

    It occurs to me, you can paint a pig blue, and it is still a pig!!

    Face it, you can't pick your family, and you cannot control your looks, within reason. But why would anyone allow such an unflattering picture of an unflattering looking person to be printed???

  15. Calvin

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    I should've looked at the picture BEFORE I ate......BLEEECH!!!
  16. dodge

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    glad I eat already, I had to show thisa post to my girlfriend, she said and I quote "Her?? a sex symbol? ARE thay crazy?
  17. Gawd, she looks like a female Alfred E. Newman in that photo.

    But I must admit I have had dreams about her....or were those nightmares?

    If I was stranded on a deserted island with chelsey and a band of monkeys, one monkey would be mighty sore and I'd have a bunch on dark haired in-laws.
  18. I have to reply again


    I have just figured out how to make millions with that photo. Blow it up to 4 feet by 6 feet in size. Show it to a friend of yours. Sidestep the technicolor yawn flying about, then tell him if he don't give you all the money in his wallet, you'll show it to him again!!! Then go to another friends house!!

    "I never forget a face. But in your case I'm willing to make an exception!" {Groucho Marx}
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  19. Klaus

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    I still don't see anything a decent plastic surgeon and dentist couldn't fix. I have seen ugly, and I still don't put the poor girl in that catagory.
  20. Bill K

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    I never have considered Chelsea ugly, just average to above
    average. However, if a magazine is going to declare anyone a
    sex symbol, I would think they would try a little harder to find a
    more flattering picture. I think too many people are blaming her
    for the accedent of birth that gave her a couple of scumbags for
    parents. Me, I'll wait untill she proves herself one way or the