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Discussion in 'AR15' started by pcman312, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. pcman312

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    I've been toying with the idea of getting a different hand guard for my AR so I can more easily mount a flashlight, and possibly a vertical grip. The one that comes to mind is the Magpul MOE Hand Guard. How well does it do with a vertical grip attached to it? Does it wiggle around? If so, does it wiggle very much, or very little?
  2. TACAV

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    It might wiggle just a very tiny bit. I had one on my light weight carbine with the pencil barrel.

    I screwed in a Midwest Industries short rail piece in the middle bottom of the hand guard to just to see how it would work but I didnt like it and I use an aggressive "support hand thumb grip on top of the rail grip anyways" similar to what you get when u use their AFG ( I dont use an AFG though). I didnt really notice the wiggle until I put the VFG on. Again it was very small. I took the VFG off anyways as I was trying to keep the whole lightweight KISS concept going on that rifle.

    if you do use rail blanks you run the risk of scratching the paint on the inside of the guard where the metal heatshield is. This may not be a huge deal but it can sometimes show through the vents in the handguard. I didnt care.

    Personally I think it the MOE handguard works best with only a side rail mounted in the front but YMMV.

  3. jmp8927

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    Mine moves a very noticeable amount. I keep in on mainly because it allows me to place my light in a convenient place. If I didn't have the light, I would put the original handguards back on. They don't move at all. I'm planning on buy a free float forearm that will allow my to put what I want where I want without any extra rail space. It's the best way to go in my opinion. I don't like things moving when I can avoid it.
  4. Darkfront

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    If you get the MOE handguard, MagPul now sells their new RVG (Railed Vertical Grip). It's only $25, and has a special mounting system that allows you to attach it to a MOE or the Bushmaster ACR without having to buy separate rails. It's a very cost effective option.
  5. pcman312

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    Correction: It's the MVG (MOE Vertical Grip) that's designed to be used with the MOE or ACR. I just looked it up ;-) Thanks for the info.
  6. Darkfront

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    Ah good deal. I got the RVG railed version when it first released and it came with a converter for ACR/MOE handguards. Don't know what they're doing now.
  7. Pumpkinheaver

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    I have moes on my carbine, they move a little, too mush for a laser but they work fine for a verticle foregrip.
  8. at4rxj

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    They move. I have 2 sets... They both move a little. It's not a huge amount or enough to bother me. That being said, they're just on plinking guns. If this is your "go-to" AR and you're picky about it, it might bother you. Feels much nicer to the hand than the normal plastic ones though....
  9. MosinRuger

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    I have one on mine and they do wiggle alittle bit but its not to much. I also put a rail on the bottom. I usually only use it for a bipod, but i can use it for a light and vfg if i wanted to but with the vfg the wiggle is more noticable.( I got the vfg just to try that setup and see it i liked it but i found that i didnt really like it. Partly because i didnt like the extra bulk and wieght and stuff but also just the feeling.)

    (Back to the MOE)This one is fine until i get some more discretionary income, it works and its simple and it feels good in your hand. I want to get a nice free floated tube with the individual rail sections and cut outs for cooling.
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  10. Frankl03

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    I have a mid length MOE handgaurd on my Spikes Tactical and it is rock solid.