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  1. BarryHalls

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    Do the CETME and the G-3 accept the same magazines?
  2. Mooseman684

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    My CETME does for the most part. It depends on the Guns mag latch and the stops on the Magazines themselves. Sometimes you have to file a small amount off the mag stops for them to latch into place.

  3. That is right you can do that but what I have done is I take the upper part of the tang on the magazine instead and I take a sharp common screw driver and wedge slightly under it and do slight folding and lifting of that metal as I testfit each move, then you can smooth the lip a little with a dremel or small file or equal.
    But yes they are based on the same receiver, now modern qualities are different thing but the receivers are used for all builds, I am in the middle of two builds that I will build on the same type of HK PTR receiver, if I was building a Cetme I would do the same thing.
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    A guy I know recently traded for a CETME and the G3 magazines won't fit. Matter of fact, the opening in the receiver is too small for the magazines. They go in about 1/4", stick, and show scratches on the magazine. He had just traded for it at his booth at a gun show and I haven't talked to him since to see how it worked out. First time I've heard of that though.
  5. That is weird because I find that the original CETME mags are slightly wider than the G3 ones, but this happens because of the fact that most of them are built from a flat that is pressed and folded to fit, I am building mine from a HK receiver but I will also build from flats as I get equipped, but you would tune it as you build to accept the mags and I guess you can tune the mags also.