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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Eric, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. Eric

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    Hey Guys,
    I'm installing an S&A magwell. I need to know what Kind of "McGyver" trick works best to keep from shooting it (spring and all) across the shop into that blackhole, never to be seen again. Hopefully the trick works for installing too. Thanks, Eric
  2. Jack O

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    I used a pin punch with a smaller diameter than the pin. Drove the pin out held the mainspring housing and slide the punch out. It's probably not the best way but it seems to keep the spring where you can find it. I use the punch to line the parts back up and then tap the pin back in.

  3. Don Williams

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    Eric, Here's an easy way to do it. Clamp the housing in a vise face up, and take a punch, cleaning rod or even a phillips screwdriver and push in on the mainspring. Once you've relieved pressure on the spring, you can take something small (such as a small punch or even a paperclip), and push out the retaining pin. To reassemble, turn the housing over and reverse the process - push in the mainspring with your punch and push in the retaining pin, making sure it's flush with the back of the housing. Hope this helps.
  4. wes

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    I always catch it with my head.
  5. jerry

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    with the hammer and strut assy removed, the main spring is externally unloaded. this in turn relieves frame pressure on the cross pin holding the mainspring hsg in the frame. whatever you do don't try to take it out with the hammer in the cocked position.

    keep your cool, you'll be OK
  6. Rocklobster

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    I use a 5/16" bolt,1/4" long;insert the threaded end into the housing,clamp it into my small bench vise,slowly compress the bolt into the housing,until the pin can be pushed out with a punch.Then it's easy to slowly crank the vise back open,in turn slowly releasing the tension on the mainspring.