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    After looking through the various forums I have decided for my next long gun I am going to try and find one of the above 4. I wish I had bought one when they had racks of them at the local gun shows. I have a real nice M1 carbine and for the next part of my collection I need one of the Chinese style AK's. I figure I can always get a AR-15/10 later as they are real common. What can I expect to pay for a real nice one? and is there a noticeable difference in accuracy NHM's versus the MAK's? Of course I want a double stack one.
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    Here's what I know, or think I know: MAK-90s are the most common, and usually least expensive. NHM-91s are next. Then NHM-90s, then MAK-91s.
    The 91s have the 20" barrel, the 90s have 16" barrel.
    NHMs I think are supposed to be more accurate. I used to see NHM-91s for 350ish, but now they're usually 450ish. You're lucky to find a MAK-90 under 400 now. I think people bought up all the low priced ones after 9-11, that or they changed their minds about selling them.
    All are fine rifles.

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    I had a chance to compare fire control parts between various AK variants at my friends' shop, and all I can say is that the Chinese guns are BUILT FOR MILITARY USE, semi-auto or otherwise. It seems that they heat treated every part, and the milling technique on the milled receivers is surprisingly good.

    I then picked up a used Hungarian SA-85 on consignment, and the hammer was deformed from striking the back of the bolt carrier-and all those gun writers and advertisers keep saying that the chinese stuff was crap, and the hungarians were better(!)

    The chinese may skimp on cosmetic finishing work, but their stuff is better than most people think. So they are still the better value, unless you want to get a yugoslavian or bulgarian product.

    Too bad we don't have access to the East German AK's!
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    Local gun shops were asking up to $600 for a MAK90 couple of months ago. I found the private seler and got it for $375. I was even more lucky couple of weeks ago when I found MAK91 with milled receiver for $350. I think it was a good deal...
    I at first did not like the thumbhole stock on MAKs but I got used to it. All I can say that they are very good guns. I have not had a problem yet..
    Good luck in finding one...
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    $375 for a MAK-90 was a really good price. $350 for a MAK-91... WOW!!! You're a real lucky man.
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    If accuracy is what you are after the MAK-91 is the best one. As noted on my home page,the markings indicating a rifle made for accuracy and excelent trigger. The url is in the post above this one.
    Followed by the NHM-91.
    Ammo has a lot to do with the accuracy of these rifles. The current mfg. Russian ammo is great for plinking. But the weight of the powder charges and bullets varries too much for any kind of real accurate shooting.
    Chinese steel core,Lapua,or handloads and a scope are needed to get the full accuracy potencial out of these rifles.