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    I keep hearing about converting from 9.18 to 380 acp. Sounds like a great idea to me but I have one little problem. Where do I find the parts? I keep seeing conversion kits for 22 and 32 but none for the 380. Also I heard there is a way to modify the current 8 round 9.18 to 10 rounds. Again a great idea! But how is it done? Any help would be great!!!!

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    The only conversion is Replacing the Barrel to 380...Difficult, but do-able!
    As far as mor capacity, you would have to modify/ cut the follower in the magazine down and remove the finger lever that aids in loading!
    Numrich(E-gun parts) has barrels for the Makarov.

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    I'm curious as to why you want to go to .380. I've been wrong plenty of times, but isn't 9x18 cheaper and more powerful?
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    Yes, Muddog, 9x18 Makarov is actually a touch more powerful than .380 ACP. The difference in delivered energy has been described as a factory .380 ACP plus the power of a .22 LR round.

    Cost-wise, if you buy in bulk 9x18 Mak costs less than .380 ACP (not counting shipping). Examples as of 5/28/08:

    J&G Sales has 91 grain .380 ACP in lots of 1000 for $219, or 22 cents a round. They are selling 90 grain 9x18 Makarov ammo for $180 per 1000 rounds, or 18 cents a round. That's a difference of $40 per thousand. has 95 grain .380 ACP at $199 per thousand, or 20 cents per round. 9x18 Makarov (bullet weight & composition not specified but assume 94 grain FMJ) is selling for $189 per thousand, or 19 cents per round. That's a more equitable than J&G, but it's still a difference of $10 per thousand.

    On, 95 grain FMJ .380 ACP American Eagle is selling for $275 per thousand, or 27 1/2 cents per round. The lowest price for 1000 rounds of 9x18 Brown Bear there is $169 per thousand, or 17 cents per round. You can buy a lot more 9x18 Makarov for the $106 dollar difference here.

    I think you see my point. Yes, you can usually find some kind of .380 ACP in your local gun shop. No, they probably won't have a lot of (if any) 9x18 Makarov ammo, it's not as common as the online advertisers would have you believe. But you can easily buy it online, and I have yet to see .380 advertised for less than 9mm Mak.

    Regarding making a Makarov shoot .380 ACP: I've heard that changing a Makarov pistol from 9mm Mak to .380 ACP is possible, Moose. What I've never quite understood is what has to be done to the magazines to make a magazine intended for 9x18 Makarov reliably feed 9x17 (.380 ACP/9mm Kurz) ammunition. The .380 ACP case is a millimeter shorter than Makarov ammo. Wouldn't you have to do something to the magazine to get it to feed properly? And if so, what and how?
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    You dont have to do a thing to the Magazine...It feeds the .380 rounds just as Good as it does the 9 X 18 rounds...1 millimeter is Nothing to worry about.
    I have both caliber guns...and spare barrels to convert them either way !
    8 rounds is enough...