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I've had a couple of thoughts come to mind inspired by some of the new shotgun sabot ammo to hit the market. I mainly shoot a 20 gauge, and when Remington released the bonded Core-Lokt Ultra sabots, I fell in love. 260gr @ 1900fps...that seemed very interesting to me.

I had currently been shooting Lightfield Hybrid 7/8oz sabots, which actually group very similar to the Remingtons when I sight at 50yds (not as in the same place on the paper, but group size). Believe it or not, the lighter 260gr remingtons kick wayyy more than the Lightfields, but I can understand that, as it leaves much quicker.

I couldn't pull my groups any tighter shooting over windy plains at 50yds, in prone position on a rest with the Remingtons (I figured heck I'll make the switch from the Lightfields as I had nothing to lose at this point), so I placed the larger target out at 150yds and said the heck with it, as I was running out of ammo. With an almost exact 1.5" scope-to-bore centerline distance, I wanted to get it zeroed where they recommend, 150yds.

Conditions were approx 40F degrees, and the wind kept changing from 5-10mph breezy, to near dead calm.

First shot, 3" right, 3" low with a center hold (by the way I'm using a brand new Winchester 1300 pump 20ga). Second shot, 9 o'clock, 6"+ off from a center hold, after a few clicks. I was allowing barrel cool-down, so field conditions would be simulated as well. At this point I was getting upset that my trigger was creeping badly, and not wanting to let off cleanly, which just started after a recent cleaning (weird eh?). So I decide to shoot again and see if a relative group is possible, right back over at 5 o'clock now. Now I'm thinking, are these Remingtons all they're cracked up to be? Needless to say, I clicked some more, and the wind ceased completely. I had two shells left. Shot, waited, shot again. Both were 10 rings at 8 and 9 o'clock, about 1" apart. Now I have to shoot about 5 boxes of these until I can figure this out when it's not so windy...anyone know where to find wind drift software?

Anyways, and sorry about the so very long post, but at this point I have come to a conclusion...

-The shotgun is throwing wild shots due to the wind explained,
-The shotgun needs a highly-lightened trigger job and Magna-porting to up accuracy, maybe even a more powerful scope (I'm using a Bushnell 4.5x max),
-The ammo just isn't truely capable of accurate 150yd+ shots,
-Or, I need to buy a different deer gun all together if I expect 1.5MOA accuracy at these ranges.

What would you say...I like a flat shooter, and this ammo seems like the nearest thing to a muzzleloader, which can be a pain.

What about a 12ga shooting the same slug, with of coarse a different sabot? Can you even find aftermarket shotgun sabots for handloading?

Thanks a lot for any info.
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