Making Grips?

Discussion in 'Knives/Cutlery' started by BarryHalls, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    I know I can make a grip out of wood or antler in a few different ways. Is there a way to make custom rubber, or rubber coated grips?? I wouldn't be opposed to buying a rubber grip of a certain length, the kind with a hole down the middle to be bolted onto a stick tang.

    I'd also be interested in polymer, soft polymer, and aluminum grips.

    I'm short, I'm forging a knife, and I can make the grip out of steel (too heavy), or out of wood (best idea so far), or leather (too short lived), but I'd like something more comfortable that will be extremely long lasting.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. Spooky.45

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    when i make a knife my grandfather usually does the grips for me. most of the time he just uses wood and takes a stick of wax and rubs it in for a few hrs after he puts them on the knife ill try an post a pic of my latest knife we did when i can get my camera to working

  3. Chris

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    I really hope Tooleman can chime in and give you some feedback. He makes great grips, rubber...I'm not 100% about.
  4. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    That would my my friends VERY VERY happy.
  5. Romey

    Romey G&G Enthusiast

    Neoprene or Horse stall mats are commonly used. I prefer the latter as they are still very grippy and grind well
  6. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    Horse stall mats. . . I could get my hands on those!

    I'm looking at Kydex right now. It's essentially indestructible plastic sheeting that is very very rigid. When heated above 200 degrees it can be molded by hand.

    It's not squishy, just everlasting. So, I'll look at those mats.

    Either way, I'm wrapping the grip, tightly, with paracord, as much as I can, both as a grip, and for use as cord in emergencies.
  7. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    I thought you were going to wind para-cord for the grip.
    Go to your local hardware store and get a can of grip-dip. It is used to rubberize the handles on tools. It is a great way to rubberize that grip.
    Wind the grip in para-cord first and then dip or brush on the dip. Coat the grip several times until you get the texture you want.
    I've used it for several projects.
  8. Huey Rider

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    I'm making a new handle for a .50 cent "garage sale special" machette. I'm using a poly cutting board to make the two halves. They come in various thicknesses so I can get the right one for my personal grip. Going to wrap it with 550 cord.
  9. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, I'm going with paracord exterior wrap. I didn't think about grip dip! YES!

    I think that's it!

    I can attach formed horse stall mats, grip dip them several times, then wrap the whole thing in paracord. Should last very long, and give me that squishy/grippy feel I want. We'll see how that goes.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    Sounds good BH !! Still following this project.
  11. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    Life's a little nuts right now, so the project is on hold, can't even get out to go hunting. I didn't even get a chance to cash my pay check today. So, I'll be doing this project as I can, but I have 0 free time.

    Glad to know you guys are seriously interested though. That lets me know I'm onto something.