Making my SKS compliant

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by modificationvt, May 12, 2008.

  1. modificationvt

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    I have been looking to put a scope on my sks, but It seems that it isnt as simple as just getting a scope.

    I have a norinco SKS and what I can tell is I need to replace at least 4 part with compliance parts. I want to make sure I got this right before I dump a bunch of money into it.

    If I got the Tapco operating rod, Fusion rifle system with rail, and 20 round detachable magazine, would my sks be compliant?
  2. KGunner

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    With what? What state do you live in. Each state has different laws.

  3. modificationvt

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    god **** it lol...I hate these dumb laws....Im in Vermont. I was hoping that replacing the stock parts with the Tapco parts listed would be enough to make it legal. (bringing the total import parts down below 10)
  4. I believe if you just bought US made optics and mount you'd be ok, but I'm not sure and i wouldn't go strictly off my word because I could be wrong. I would take a look at BattleRifleG3's stick about SKS legalities, at the top of the forum. I'll try to find you a link to the ATF's 922 compliance article.
  5. 762x39FMJ

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    My buddy put a scope on his and it was never able to keep it's zero. Remember an SKS is not a match grade rifle. What do you plan on using it for? Hunting? Plinking? Read some of the posts here about scoping an SKS. you can then make up your own mind.
  6. KGunner

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    You can scope an SKS with whatever the hell you want, I don't think it matters if its an import scope either since it has nothing to do with the overall operation of the gun, and can be removed easily. And what 762 said, these are not tack-drivers, they can be used for hunting, but I got mine for a fun semi-auto plinking rifle, I bought the M44 for something cheap and accurate, I also found a good deal on eBay for a stock that came with a scope and mount, so thats the only reason I have the scope.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    Did you buy the sks here in the US? Have you made any changes yet? Did you buy it with a C&R license?
  8. jmp8927

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    I'm not entirely sure either, but if you go with a scope, get one that attaches directly to the receiver via a rail on the side. Any gunsmith will be able to put it on for you for a small amount after you order it. I have two scope mounts receiver covers and will not ever use them. They lose zero every time you clean them. I would get the side rail mount myself if I wasn't planning on making a bullpup stock for it and buying a scout mount that attaches to the rear sight base.
  9. modificationvt

    modificationvt G&G Newbie

    I got it at a local FFL here in Vermont. I havent made any changes to it yet. Im not sure what a C&R license is...Im new to guns, and even newer to rifles.
  10. res45

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    If you just going to put a scope on your YUGO M59/66 SKS your not going to be out of compliance.

    How many imported parts can be replaced in an SKS Carbine?

    On a typical SKS Carbine, you will need to replace four parts. On Yugoslavian Type 59/66 Rifle, you will need to replace five parts.

    These US-made parts are sometimes known as “compliance parts”, since they are used to ensure that the resulting rifle is “compliant” with Title 18 USC § 922(r).

    Using commercially available parts, you can replace the following parts:

    1) Replace the stock with aftermarket US-made version.

    2) Replace the handguard with aftermarket US-made version.

    3) Replace the gas piston with a US-made version from Tapco (#SKS6602), SKSMan or SKSParts (#SKS-034).

    4) Replace the magazine with a 100% US-made magazine, including the magazine body, follower and floorplate. (Tapco 20 rd. mag counts as 2 U.S. Sec 922R compliant parts..) because the original mag. on had 2 parts to begin with no floor plate.

    5) On Yugoslavian Type 59/66 Carbines: Remove the grenade launcher and replace it with a US-made muzzle break (foreign muzzle attachments are counted). See the FAQ’s on removing the Yugoslavian Type M59/66 grenade launcher for more info.

    Tapco compliance kit with bayo cut stock

    TAPCO SKS Compliance Kit, Blade Bayonet Cut (BLACK) - STK66167

    MidwayUSA - TAPCO Fusion Compliance Kit SKS with Cut to Accept Blade Bayonet Synthetic Black
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  11. modificationvt

    modificationvt G&G Newbie

    Ive come to the desition that I am going to leave my SKS stock, and save my money to get a dragunov.
  12. jmp8927

    jmp8927 G&G Evangelist

    OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!! Nice! I'd love to have one! You going for a true Dragunov or a Romanian "Dragunov"?
  13. Mooseman684

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    As stated above...Scoping an SKS has NOTHING TO DO with COMPLIANCE !!!
    Put a scope on it...Nothing else Required...
  14. SwedeSteve

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    Agreed.I was wondering what else he may or may not have done.
  15. modificationvt

    modificationvt G&G Newbie

    The compliance issue isnt what made me change my mind, what did it is realizing the only way to get a good scope mount on an sks that isnt going to lose zero every time I clean it requiers drilling and tapping the reciver. and I just dont want to do anything that alters any of the stock parts.

    Id be going for a true Dragunov. but it may be a while since Im in the prosses of opening my own business.
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  16. Is a Russian sks banned in california? Or any sks?
  17. marion57

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    Yugo with grenade launcher are California illeagle I believe
  18. F1609

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    commiefornia sucks arny's butt, I am SOOOOOOO GLAD i don't live there, sorry guys. But ya, it's just like how everything in cali is known to cause cancer. I forgot what i was looking at the other day, but it was some household appliance almost everyone uses, and it said, "This product is known to the state of California to cause Cancer." we could jsut change that around a little for guns. "This product is known to the state of California to shoot a projectile. SAVE THE CONDORS. It is now banned" :)
  19. KGunner

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    To be compliant in Kalifornia the grenade launcher has to be drilled...making it impossible to launch a real grenade.
  20. Well I'm glad i got my Russkie that i bought at gun shop about 5 yrs ago. I had a Norinco Nhm-90 that i bought about 9-10 yrs ago but, i sold it!:banghead: about 4 yrs ago. Stupid stupid! Regret to this day!