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  1. As the title says any of you guys make your own targets? I need to practice, but I'm reluctant to spend $100+ on a target. I've heard of people using foam boards and putting a ratchet strap around a sandwich of foam boards with plywood on the outside. Looking for ideas I have a fair amount of foam board.
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    Have made broadhead targets out of styrofoam, just taped them together. My buddy has made targets out of burlap and stuffed it with 100's of bread bags for fieldtips.

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    There is an indoor range at a bow shop near home that simply has the back wall covered with cardboard with screens all scrunched up and packed in behind it. so a box full of bunched up screens would probably be quite effective...maybe not last all that long though.

    This was for field tips. Well i never tried broadheads on it
  4. I've seen small pieces of remnant carpet bundled together and they said it worked great on fieldtips or broadheads so maybe try something stiff sandwiched somewhere in your layers might help.
  5. You did'nt know you can print free targets off the Internet ? Google free targets and you should find some sites that offer them. For a source to attach them to, go to a feed store and buy a bail of hay.
    If you feel like doing a little work, wrap the bail in gray duct tape. You can now buy duct tape in other colors. You can also fasten cardboard to the bail to staple targets to or draw your targets on the cardboard.

    I have 2 targets filed that I can make copy's of when I need them.
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  6. I use dog food bags stuffed into each other. This can take a while unless you have a few big dogs.
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    A burlap or the newer plastic burlap sacks stuffed with old bedsheets and t-shirts make excellent targets. Field tips will only penetrate a few inches and are very easy to remove. I keep the feed sacks from the seed when we plant our food plots and have a never ending supply.
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    Sure, use blunt-head arrows and target your little brother ;)