Man Accused In Sniper-Sighting Hoax

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    Guess calling in sick was aginst company policey..........:)

    Man Accused In Sniper-Sighting Hoax
    Authorities believe the manager of a fast-food restaurant near the site of two of the shootings falsely reported a sighting of the sniper.
    Authorities in Virginia say they closed a 1-mile stretch of highway and evacuated at least five businesses after getting the man's 911 call.

    The area is between Manassas and Fredericksburg, where the sniper has struck before.

    The sheriff said the man admits making the call, saying he's been living out of his car and wanted to get a day off to find a place to live. He has been arrested and charged with a felony under a new law meant to stop terrorism hoaxes.
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    He found a place to live at least.


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    Yeah, three hots and a cot...whatta maroon!
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    Maybe they shot put him at gas stations and shopping plazas in the Md, and Va areas and see if he can generate a real sniper witness call.
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    Sorry, typo, "should put him"
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    Some people do stupid things. Wonder why he's living out of his car? Could be that he had some other stupid decisions that caused his situation.