Man Escapes On Way To Court To Face Escape Charges

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    Man Escapes On Way To Court To Face Escape Charges
    Donaldson Convicted Of Three Other Escapes
    Posted: 10:34 a.m. EDT August 29, 2002

    BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Kevin Donaldson has escaped again, on his way to court to face an escape charge.

    He's been convicted of three other escapes.

    In this case, he was in double-locked handcuffs and leg restraints as he was being driven by the sheriff in Burlington to the courthouse.

    He managed to reach his hand out the window and open the door of the sheriff's cruiser. He then jumped out and ran away. The sheriff says since the handcuffs were double-locked, the assumption is that he had a handcuff key.

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  2. Stopper

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    Sneeky basta** isn't he! He excreets grease from his wrists that allows him to slide from handcuff's! Sounds like a case for Fox Mulder.

  3. Oxford

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    Doglips: You didn't heed the warning label. Keep looking over your shoulder. (ha)
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    This is a prime example of why you search a prisoner thoroughly! Once they are under arrest, all that "frisk" stuff goes out the window! It's a full fledged search. A cuff key would be very easy to conceal/locate though.

    I had an incident where an arrestee slipped out of his cuffs while I was questioning him down at the station. I felt like crap for days over it. Got my tail end chewed by the brass the whole nine yards.

    A couple of days later a female officer I worked with admitted something to me....

    After about an hour of questioning the subject my coffee started talkng to my bladder. I hollered at a passing Lt and asked him if he would grab some patrolman to watch my prisoner while I ran to the latrine. The Lt told me he would watch him for me. I was gone less than two minutes. I got back, the Lt left. A few minutes later, the prisoner sets the handcuffs on the table in front of me!

    The female officer told me that she had walked by the room and witnessed the Lt loosening the cuffs on the guy per his request! Big no no! You don't touch another officer's cuffs when they're on somebody!

    It was the same Lt who chewed my tail end!
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    Hey, maybe the guy missed his true calling as a magician, 3 escapes for the same guy.....
  6. Oxford

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    That Lt may be an example of "peter's principle". Did he/she have other incidents like this or was this his first incident?
  7. PAPA G

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    sounds like a back stabber, i'll bet that LT is going to backstab and ask kiss all the way up the ladder!!!:mad:
  8. oneastrix

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    I really can't answer that question Oxford because I don't really know him. It doesn't matter what business or trade you are in, there will always be a few chicken sh#*'s out there. I know what he's about, and he knows the truth. Luckily he's not in charge of my division.......... I'm in the juvenile crime division (which is a totally different thing to rant and rave about, but I chose to come here), and the particualr Lt is a paper pusher in the administrative division (I think).
  9. oneastrix

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    Makes me think of a quote I read somewhere....

    "If a man loses his honor, he has lost everything." -Unknown author