man i love my new rifle

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  1. stinkybriches

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    i got to shoot my ar10 for the first time today. i love it, i cant express it effectivly in type. the weight soaks up what little recoil the .308 has to offer. i could shoot it all day. once i get better with the peep sights im positive its gonna do all that i could ask of it. only neggative is it looks like its gonna be hard on brass, it puts 2 lines vertically on the neck, fairly deep. i cant wait till my load devolopments done so i can crank out some rounds and really put this puppy to work.
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    What model AR10 you have, DPMS?

  3. Palladin8

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    They do shoot nice. I shot one years ago and if I had the money at the time I would have bought it from my friend. It is still on my lists of needed firearms.
  4. ALR

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    Then I know the feeling, I have the LR308B, I bought the adjustable stock aftermarket from DPMS because my LOP is shorter than average when I get all bundled up for winter.
    I see you have the 7.62x51mm model. I have the 308 Winchester model. Dont know if it means much but I think you should be using the 762x51mm cases.
    There is a clarification if you search the ammunition forum here.
    I havent much got past the breakin period, fought cancer, busy in spring, too hot this summer, and need to do some reloading.
    I bought a brass catcher from Midway I think as the strings on the bases kept tangling up, LOL!
    It works really good as she slings the brass into the next shooters station and are really hot to handle.
    In my next reloads I am going with Varget as it is supposed to be more stable pressures in hot or cold weather.
    Im going to refine the loads with 150gr then switch to 165gr as my dad left me with a couple thousand of each when he passed.
    I like the 165 as they have the trajectory near the 150gr and the energy near the 180gr bullets.
    I just enjoy shooting both as I have yet to see which my Bull barrel likes best with which load.
    Would like to have some one closer here to buddy up with and wring these things out...Misery loves company, LOL!
    Good luck and post your findings so we can see what you found with your loads.

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  5. stinkybriches

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    mine is stamped .308. i dont know if they actually make any in 7.62 or not. either way, if those pansies at sammi say its safe to interchange the 2, it must be. i was torn between varget and the 8208 when i ordered my powder. from what ive read both handle temp change really well, and both are supposed to give good accuracy. the varget seems to give lower pressures which is a plus. anywho i went with the one that was in stock at the time. ill end up with some varget sometime soon im sure.
  6. Ten Man

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    I use Accurate 2460 to make up my AR10 loads. 40.5 grains under the 150 gr. FMJ seems to work real well in my Armalite AR10.

    Once you shoot an AR10, you are never satisfied with the "poodle shooter" after that! LOL
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  7. grizcty

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    The DPMS Ar10, is a great gun!
  8. stinkybriches

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    i still love my poodle shooter. in fact im fixin to pick up another one as soon as i think the wife( yep, shes my wife now as of 8/14) wont smack me for bringing it up.