Man Slain with Umbrella in Dispute Over Manners

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    Man Slain with Umbrella in Dispute Over Manners
    Sun Jun 9, 9:06 AM ET

    TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese man was so enraged by an acquaintance's failure to address him with an honorific that he stabbed the man to death with an umbrella, police said on Saturday.

    It was the second killing with an umbrella in Japan in less than a month.

    Ryuji Sakamoto, 32, was arrested Saturday and confessed to killing Takayuki Niimi, also 32, during a Friday night quarrel in the city of Sakuragi, some 170 miles west of Tokyo, police said.

    "It appears that Sakamoto harbored resentment of Niimi for quite some time because Niimi did not use an honorific when speaking to him," a police spokesman said.

    Sakamoto punched Niimi in the face several times and then, when he fell over, stabbed him in the head with the umbrella, police said. Niimi was taken to hospital but died soon after and Sakamoto surrendered early Saturday.

    Both men were unemployed, police said.

    Honorific terms of address are used constantly in Japan, even among friends, most commonly by adding the suffix "san" to a person's name. Failure to do so is seen as extremely rude.

    In May, a middle-aged man in southwestern Japan was stabbed to death with an umbrella, apparently in an argument over who had the right of way on a narrow road.
  2. time to start a regristation of, and waiting period for umbrellas!!!!
    Please think of the children!

  3. Big Dog

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    Would one of those little compact umbrellas in a handbag be a "concealed weapon"? We better get Brady-san and company on this! :D
  4. colt45

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    Ok I don't speak jap somebody whant to tell me what a honorific is?
    If we register all the things we as humans use to kill each other with we should start with trees since the first weapon was most likely a club. right?
    Just goes to show that no matter what you take away from the public to try and make them safer they will find something eles to use to do the act.
  5. Mary Poppins shame on you, look at what you started.
  6. Jeffro

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    ATTENTION: I truly think that for the protection of ALL our citizens, we should initiate an "UMBRELLA BUYBACK PROGRAM". Let's get all of the umbrellas we can off of the streets. Even if they are not functional any longer (such as dewat umbrellas), I think they should be bought back by government funded programs. Also, children's umbrellas should be painted bright colors, so as not to be confused with the real weapons. In fact, on second thought, why should children play with umbrellas...... it will only raise their level of aggression.
    Just my $.02 worth...................
    Jeffro :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod:
  7. Calvin

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    What about an umbrella in the hands of a felon? How about "Umbrella-Free" school zones? Mandatory training and registration of all umbrellas, whether it's a full-size or an ultra-compact? How about having to meet strict guidelines, set forth by the AG, for safety? Rubber tips? Should neighbors be notified so the parents know there's an umbrella in someone's house, to protect the kids? Where in the h-e-double toothpicks is Rosie when we need her?????

    :confused: :confused:
  8. Shaun

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    Okay in order for the bill to be put forth should they also consider Umbrella Locks and safety classes 8 hours in order for you to get your CCU permit.
  9. Stopper

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    No automatic opening umbrellas allowed to the private citizenry!
    Only military and LEO's can carrie such weapons.

    And if the handle extends and retracts you will have to obtain a pre-ban permit form your local sheriff.
  10. NRAJOE

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    I'm gonna start a organization against umbrellas...
  11. Big Dog

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    Civilian-legal umbrellas are restricted to no more than 10 ribs, while LEO umbrellas may have 15.
    A citizen must actually be in immediate danger of rainfall before legally opening the umbrella.
    A minimum size limit must be established for hunting use of the umbrella.
    Synthetic umbrellas must have the serial number permanently affixed to a metal part on the shaft, and any purchase or transfer of said umbrella shaft must be done through a FUL holder.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  12. Shaun

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    what should be the waiting period? Also during the background check should we get DNA samples for purchase and charge a $25 transfer fee
  13. Calvin

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    I'm going to sue Totes over all of this uproar!! How do they sleep at night knowing that umbrellas fall into the hands of "bad" people? I wonder if these people have any kids?

    :mad: :fuss:
  14. Calvin

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    Hey!! I'm also gonna ask for registration and regulation of patio umbrellas, too. What does someone need a 3-4 foot wide umbrella for, except for mass mayhem?? They are capable of taking out someone from an extreme distance, and that's senseless!!
  15. Doglips

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    You all scare me Im Joining the NAtional Unbrella Association and lobby for resonable unbrella laws...
  16. Oxford

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    I enjoy these old threads. Doglips used to post the strangest news items for us to discuss. Wish he was back again to liven up the forum.
  17. An immediate embargo should be put in place to stop the importation of all automatic opening umbrellas. The citizens of this nation should be restricted to the purchase of no more than one manual opening umbrella per month.


    People don't kill people Umbrellas kill people, therfore they should ALL be banned.
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  18. Gio

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    Umbrellas have no use unless they are being used by the military. So if you ant an umbrella, join the military.
  19. MosinDave

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    Yea, his crazy posts were kinda what drew me to this forum when I was researching Mosin Nagants.
    This article is pretty funny though, as the Japanese have been known to fight with all kinds of weird looking weapons....