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Mark II Target in selfdefence

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by zuskav, May 16, 2002.

  1. month ago I bought Mark II Targer (5,5" bull barell) and found it an excellent and accurate pistol. because in our country hunting with handguns is banned I have not and cannot have any experience as to effect on live organisms. So, what if I would be attacted by a pitbull and use Mark II for defence. Does anybody know result? And what about the best ammo for this purpose?
  2. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    if you have the presence of mind try to shoot pointblank in the eyes or ears, i don't know if the 22lr will penetrate the skull, a body shot may only make it madder!!

  3. Thanks. As I see it would be better to trust my Ruger SP 101 with 357 Magnum Speer Gold Dot.
  4. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    No, it will kill. Try using the most powerful ammo available. The new cci velocitator seems like the perfect 22lr selfe defence ammo. It has a 40grn hp bullet that they say travels about 1350fps in a rifle and probably around 1100 in the handgun of yours also it is only a mild expanding round and they say you will not get over expantion. It will penatrate the skull too and you don't have to aim for the eyes or anything. Just empty all the bullets you have into the thing if it ever happens.
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    Yeah the pit bull definitely deserves a .357 magnum hollowpoint...I would hate to try a .22lr handgun out on a pit bull.... but it would be better than nothing. It would kill definitely but it might take too long to die... a wounded angry pit bull isn't what I want to face with an empty .22. Stick with the SP-101
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    I have shot many coyotes with a 22lr bolt action, so has my dad and so has my grandpa. 10 rds of 22lr should get the job done. Back in there days they even killed deer with them. Offten with a single shot out of a single shot gun. My grandpa knows a guy that shot and killed a moose with a single 22short, Got chased up a tree and the moose would not let him down. I do agree it is not the most ideal thing for the job but you hit him with a 22 in the head the dog will not know the difference bettween that and a .357. But a hit with the 22lr is far better than a miss with the .357. If the thing is running at you. Would you be able to hit it with the .357 in double action mode? I would rather have a 9mm for something like that. More chances of hitting it, right?
  7. Or just stay out of your neighbour's yard!;)

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

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    I assure you it will kill it. I have seen coyotes hit with .303 and .243 in the guts and they run away and are never found. But have shot numerouse coyotes with a 22lr. I even shot one at 150 yards with a solid and it droped on the spot. It was running awway at a slight angle and it entered behind the rib cage and then exited in the front. 22lr thunderbolt I think was the bullet. I have shot them and have had them run no more than 10 feet before they drop.

    Shot placement is the key in any gun and any cal. I don't have much to do with handgun hunting because I can't. My dad has a ruger mark 2 standard with a 6" or so barrel. Excelent gun and verry controlable.
  10. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

  11. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    In video footage I saw a pit bull take 3 rounds of .40 S&W to the body on a cop show. They are nothing to play around with if they are mean, ornery, or feel threatened. I'm not saying they are all bad, but I have heard of a method drug dealers and dogfighters use to make them mean: they feed them red phospherous in canned dog food when they are young adults. I have heard that this gives the dog a migrane headache for life. If anybody has anymore information about this, I'd appreciate any input. Needless to say, if this method has any validity, a pit bull suffering from this would be a bad hombre to cross.

  12. Get real! A 22lr to the brain and it's "All dogs go to Heaven" time. Most pit bulls do not wear kevlar helmets. Pepper spray will stop a pit bull. I've used it on them. Now, about home protection, would you continue to attack someone who is consistantly shooting you with 40 grain hollow points? In the head or body? I think not. At Least I've never been that pissed-off at anyone before.
  13. Hello, cordial thanks to all of you. I have wanted the answer because of defence my little beagle (and myself too). I have got a pepper spray and used it against a briard successfully. But in some situations it cannot be enough, so I consider heavier methods. I have no problem with SP 101 and 357 Magnum in DA mode, but I load as a first two cartridges .38 Spl.+P Federal Hydra Shok for weaker recoil. But there is a problem, because in our country ammo with hollow point is banned by law. So for selfdefence we cannot use even CCI Stinger or Remington Yellow Jacket. Could you recommend me any appropriate 22 LR ammo without hollow point (Remington Viper, CCI Mini Mag, Winchester Laser, or any other HV)?
  14. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    No hollow points? It is the same here, but that is just for center fire handguns here. Anyway mabby a sollid with a flat tip so it will expand some might work. I do not know of anny company who sells flat tip ammo but you could allways make your own some how.
  15. Homebrew hollow points

    Zuskav, buy them and hollow the bullets out yourself. There's nothing hard about doing it. Try it. I can't think of any safety problems either.
  16. I have no doubt that you have killed coyotes with a .22. And I have no doubt that a pit bull can be killed with a .22. But buddy, you are fooling yourself if you think you can reliably make a head shot on a pit bull that is in attack mode. Those guys are moving! It's one thing to set up a hunting shot. It's something entirely different to (a) determine and assess a threat; (b) unholster your gun; (c) bring the gun on target; (d) make the shot. And if you don't notice that the pit bull is a threat before he is 20 feet away, he'll get to you before you clear leather anyway.
  17. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    I think this guy is trying to protect his dog too and is hesitant to fire with a .357 because of over penatration. I could be wrong but I think he said they could not use hollow point so the .357 would definately overpenatrate. Spray the pit bull with that pepper spray and then fill him with lead from the mark II. That should get the job done.

    Dad knows a guy who killed a mountain lion with a bow and arrow wile it sprang at him. Right through the heart from the bottom of the chest. died instantly too. guy never got hurt.
  18. I think that the threat associated with pit bulls is way overstated. They're not evil beasts consumed with killing us, or our beagles. Some folks fight them against other pit bulls, and they are taught to be viscious. That's not the norm. They are, however they are raised, equipped to do harm.

    That said, pit bulls are not large dogs. At around 40 pounds, they are not capable of killing most adults, at least not singlely. In a few instances they have killed children and mained the weak and elderly. Read the news.

    I don't have a pit bull, and don't want one. A Mark II pistol WILL dissuade an attacking pit bull, however it is used. As I said before, pepper spray also works nice.
  19. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    Yes and sharks don't eat people.
  20. John D. please stay indoors and away from all water, the pit bulls, sharks, and muskies will eventually get you.

    Meanwhile, I'll be shooting!