Marlin .22 model 99 M1, trainer?

Discussion in 'Marlin' started by Full MeTal Jack, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Picked up a Marlin .22 tube feed model 99 M1. Heard these were used by Canadian Mountys as training rifles. Any thoughts? Or was is just a take-off of the M1 carbine's popularity?
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    I never heard that,but,I really don't know.

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    I have one myself, and it's a great little carbine. It's light and handy, and very quick pointing - a superb bunny-gun. Mine has the adjustable rear sight that slides on the scope rail - very convenient. Sometimes I put a scope on it, but it really does best with the open sights.
    These were made to capitalize on the interest of the M1 Carbine, same as the Ruger Carbine later. There's a vague similarity in stock design, especially the fore end and upper hand guard, but little else. The later Model 989M2 is a bit more similar to the M1 Carbine in that it has the box magazine instead of the tube.
    The only off-the-shelf American .22 I know of in British Commonwealth service for training was the Mossberg M42M bolt action. I don't know what the Canucks may have used.
  4. Job had me out of town for a couple of days. Always make a point to check pawn shops. Saw a Marlin 989M2, with the removable magazine. They wanted $129 for it . Thought it was priced right for a pawn shop.
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    That's not too bad, as I've seen many twentytwos going for $100 to $150, depending on condition. The $50 gunshow deals are basically gone. I bought my 99M1 for $75 about four years ago, and this model is somewhat scarce. The basic Model 60 can be bought new for $115, but it's not as neat looking or fun as the 99M1 or 989M2. You also don't get that walnut stock anymore.
    If it were in excellent condition, I'd go for it. Try to talk 'em down, though. These haven't been made since the eighties, and shouldn't command new-type prices.

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    i agree an old used gun shouldn't get new gun prices, but market conditions, and supply and demand dictate a higher than true value for a firearm. unfortunate but true.:rolleyes: :D
  7. Heck of a forum to talk about .22s. Yeah Big Dog and Papa, Iv'e heard of some great deals on .22s at pawn shops. They give 'em 50 to 75 $ and resell for 125. I missed a great deal by 5 minutes. Guy left shop as I came in. He sold a Winchester Model 63 with the butt-stock tube feed for $75. Offered the propriator 175, then 200. no deal. Its now on the self for $375. Always fun to browse the small town pawn shops. Have fun!