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  1. I have a Marlin Model 25M (.22WMR) acquired used from a local dealer last Spring. It came with two magazines (1 4-round; 1 7-round)). I acquired seven additional new-in-blister packs magazines (1 4-round; 6 7-round) at various retailers over the next few months. Last Friday I took the rifle and all magazines to the range for what turned out to be a frustrating shooting session. Only one of the 7-round magazines would stay in the well through cycling the bolt and firing the weapon. Both 4-round mags and three of the 7-round mags would eject as the bolt moved forward to chamber a round. Three of the 7-round magazines would eject when the rifle was fired. All magazines were repeatedly tried using various combinations such as 3 rounds in the 4-round mags, 6 in the 7-rounders, etc. Results never varied. Except for the two that came with the rifle, all other magazines were bought new in factory sealed packs. All seem to have the same measurements, etc. So I am comletely stumped. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Ok, it might not be the magazines, but your magazine release latch or the magazine mounting bracket itself.

    Start from the start, dissassemble your 25M per the instructions...if you don't have the instructions,
    download the Marlin 25MN manual from Steve's Pages...

    Examine carefully the Magazine well and mag-release lever.

    It may require nothing more than bending the mag release out slightly towards the center of the magwell.
    Sometimes, it's something as simple as not having the rifle properly placed in the stock...
    or an oddball stock/action weld problem. Pillar-bedding or regular bedding is always beneficial on many levels.

    On the other hand, if the Magwell bracket is cracked, or the release lever is jacked, call Marlin and order a new one.
    As it's a Used rifle, (not under warranty) it'll cost you about $8-9 dollars for either part.

    Oh, and while you have it apart, inspect & clean everything :)

    Also, check the feed lips of the mags that don't feed as well as the others, sometimes they're not quite right...
    requires careful adjustment.
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