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Just yesterday bought a marlin 30as from 1989 that is absolutely mint. Has had 6 bullets fired through it since new. I know the previous owner and he is a gun smith. He bought it new and once he fired a magazines worth through it to see if it shot straight, he put it in the safe till yesterday,as he owns 20 winchester and marlin lever actions he never needed to use it again.(other than occasionally cleaning it and oiling it for storage).
I have a question regarding disassembly and cleaning. I understand that the only real difference between this and the 336 are a birch stock instead of walnut and a few other small features. Can I download an exploded diagram for disassembly of a 336 and are all other internal parts the same?
I guess I mean can I take it apart and reassemble it using a 336 diagram or will I "have parts left over"?
I have had no luck in finding a model 30as diagram so I assume it is the same?
Any help you can shed will be appreciated!!!!!!!!! :feedback:
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