Marlin 336W misfires

Discussion in 'Marlin' started by oldnavygunner, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I recently purchased a new Marlin 336W in 30-30.
    I took this gun to the range for the first time on Sunday. During this visit to the range I was shooting Remington Express Core-Lokt 150 Grain soft points. I loaded six rounds in the tube and cycled the lever and fired the first round. When I attempted to fire the second round it did not go off. When I ejected it the primer had a very minor dent in it. I had the same trouble with all the remaining rounds in the gun. I put those same rounds back through the rifle and had mixed results. Two fired the first time, one fired after two attempts, and two took four attempts. I fired a total of thirty rounds during this session and the results were pretty consistent with the first batch. Only six fired on the first attempt and ten of them took at least four attempts.
    It appears to me that the firing pin does not always extend fully and strike the primer hard enough.
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    I had a Marlin 336cs years ago and it would do the same thing sometimes. Mostly with handloads, when I used CCI 200 primers. Really I can't remember it doing it with factory ammo. I switched to Federal primers and it quit it. You may have a blunt firing pin or like you said it might not extend far enough. If you hunt with it, I'd get it checked out in the next few months.

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    Is there anything causing a very slight obstruction.
    In the hammer area, that might keep it from making a solid strike.
    Is the hammer rubbing?
    Do you have too much oil/grease in it?

    Try spraying the area out with air or cleaning product.
    If it continues, have the head space checked.
    Maybe, return it to the store for exchange.
    Or, send it to Marlin.
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    Try another batch of ammo, and if it still happens - Gunsmith time!
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    Naw, it's NEW, so he should send it in if different ammo doesn't work.

    Probably just an out-of-spec pin...when you produce millions of rifles, it's easy to make a goof now & again.

    If it was me, I'd measure the chamber, just in case it's an out-of-spec chamber...
    and if it was good, I'd just have 'em send me a pin. But that's just me.

    For anyone that doesn't have the equipment to check/change the important stuff...let Marlin do it ;)
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    Sounds like a shaving or burr came loose and is causing it to drag. Have you stripped the bolt to look? There are so few pieces to a lever action that it is very easy to do.