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Check the forum at Marlin Firearms site for the exact year. The mod. 36 was made from about 1948 till the late '50's, and if the letter is a "c", I think the gun would have been made in 1950.A "g" would be about about '54 -'55.
I have owned several of these rifles, and they are very accurate shooters, and great deer rifles. Your rifle was probably not originally tapped for a scope, but would have small screws on the upper left side if the reciever for mounting a peep sight. Williams sights for the 336 will fit this rifle, and parts are available from Numrich in the Marlin section.

These rifles don't have a lot of collecter value, but they are smoother and better shooters than newer lever actions. Clean the barrel well, and take it to the range and you will be happy with it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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