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My uncle gave me this gun and I'm not sure I want a old Marlin taking up space in my gun locker. Looking at the prices of 366 on sale sites with insane prices made me want to know the (current) value of this gun. It sold for $86 in 1965 and thats low but a Marlin 366 sold at walmart for $350 is on gunbroker now for $850-1000 and they sold millions. The gun was made for 2 years and I read the all storys behind it. The site does not even have a price, claims no sales in last 12 months. I can't find a 36g for sale anywhere online and thats crasy since every gun shop has a website.Does anyone know of a 36g for sale anywhere (currently) so I can get an idea of value?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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