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Marlin 60 or Ruger 10/22

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Which ? Why ? :rolleyes: :fuss: :nod: :assult:
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I recently purchased a new 10/22 S.S. Sporter with the longer barrel. I have been severely dissapointed with this gun since I started shooting it. The factory trigger must be set at about 10 lbs. I also don't like the aluminum reciever and the way the barrel attaches to it. If I rest the gun about midway along the barrel and sight it in...then slide the rest out near the muzzel...the gun will shoot a couple of inches high, and this is at 40 yards.
I also have a model 60 that I purchased several years ago and it will out shoot the Ruger any day.
Unless your just wanting a semi-auto, you might consider a C-Z. I recently purchased one and shot it today. It shoots great.
10/22 all the way. Trigger is rough but a lot are with the law suits and all. The price is right. With inflation figured in, the gun cost less now than when it came out. There are tons more accessories, you can do about anything with it. The rotary mag is superior. Yes a tube can hold more, but the speed loaders are long and awkward. My aluminum receiver has been fine with a lot of shooting over the last 13 years. I have never had the barrel off, but in the event I choose to take advantage of one of the MANY optional barrels, I am confident it will stay on the receiver just fine. Most importantly, if a person has a gripe with a Ruger gun of any type, Ruger is very good about taking care of problems. I trust them.
Yup, 10/ a stainless one with 4x scope. Just ordered the Hogue rubber overmolded stock. Also got some of the old Hot Lips 50 round clips
What kid of group do you all get with your 10-22? I maybe expecting more from it than I should expect...I'm bad about things like that. The gun does function very well but it seems to wander from day to day. I can sight it in and the next day it will be off again. Sometimes by as much as an inch. I have not contacted Ruger but have thought about it and yeah...I agree with the reason for the hard trigger pull...can't hardly blame them for it. This was the first new rifle I had bought in several years and I'm sure the all of the manufacturers have changed over the years. Plus I haven't looked at a new model 60 so my comparison between the to probably isn't accurate.
The model 60 is and always has been a better rifle than the Ruger10/22. If you want a project gun then get the Ruger and add $300-$400 worth of aftermarket parts and you can come up with a real shooter. Of course for that money you could have the mod. 60 and 20,000 rounds of ammo. I have two 10/22's that I've reworked into real tack drivers, but on reflection if I had to start over I'd just buy the mod. 60 or better yet a Rem 597 and a lot of ammo. instead of bbls, stocks, triggers, hammers, sears, acaraglass, labor, profanity, etc.

@ 50 yards I can keep grouping's around 1.5~2" This is with no aftermarket parts & a weaver 4x scope. I'm going to eventually spend the $60.00 to get the trigger smoothed out and lightened a bit. This does me fine for 30 yard or so head shots on squirrels and plinking. the 60 may be a fine gun perhaps. the only experience i had was watching my brother's gun wear out and break, malfunction etc. i know that's not fair, there is a lemon in every bunch. It's like getting a bad brand of vehicle and saying they are all bad. Oh, i have never had to cuss my 10/22.
What type of scope and more importantly rings do you have. Is everything properly installed? Have you tried as many different ammo types you can get? Some guns of any kind just won't shoot a particular type or two.
My stock Marlin 60 is WAY more accurate than my mostly stock Ruger 10/22...The Marlin's trigger is WAY better
Cool, were both happy :) you can't find that everywhere!
Which is best kinda depends on what you are planning to do with it. If you want a rifle to simply pull out of the box and shoot it, then the Marlin 60 is the best choice in my opinion. For out of the box accuracy, I have had better luck with the model 60 than with the 10/22.

On the other hand, if you are planning to upgrade and accurize the rifle in the future, then the 10/22 wins hands down. Basically, there is not hardly anything available to upgrade the model 60, while basically everything on a 10/22 can be upgraded if you have the money. With a good barrel, stock, and a few trigger parts, the 10/22 can be suprisingly accurate, but you will end up with at least $300-$400 or more in the gun to get it there. There is enough aftermarket stuff available for the 10/22 to easily end up with over $1,000 in it, so if you can imagine it, you can build it.
I've tried a several different brands of ammuntion in this rifle, Lapua, Wolf, Federal, Remington, Winchester, CCI, Nobel...I went to a local gun show and picked up a good selection. The Lapua did best of all...about 1/2" group but the wolf did almost as well at about 1/5 the cost. The trouble is, next time I shoot the gun...way off... just like starting over with a new scope.
The scope I have on it is a 3x9x40 Simmons with Weaver rings and the factory base. I had it installed at the gun shop where I got the scope and it seems like they did a good job of putting it on. The trouble me any way and I sure am NOT an expert...looks to me like the barrel does not fit the receiver tight enough. When I take the gun out of the gun safe here in the cool house you can see a slight ring or gap between the barrel and the receiver.....real a fine pencil mark. But after having the gun outside in the heat, this ring goes away. Like the temperature change expands the aluminum receiver enough to tighten up on the barrel. Another thing I have done is I replaced the factory stock with a walnut stock from Kimber...I was wondering if this could affect the way the barrel is supported maybe? From everything I understand the barrel should not even touch the stock..and it don't. I just can't figure out why it shoots different every day.
I also have a Remington 597, an old Remington 551-2, a new C-Z...that shoots real good, and a new Kimber H/S that shoots super good. Any advice on the Ruger would sure be appreciated. Thanks
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I sold the Ruger 10/22...
shoot it with iron sights.
If the results are poor, got to the place you bought it and explain. (hopefully not wally world) you will get a blank stare.
If all else fails contact Ruger. They will typically back their stuff.
If there are no more options, cut your losses, some things just aren't meant to be.
wish you the best of luck
Hey guys, I got the used 10/22T with a Busnell 18Xx40mm AO scope. I can and do shoot the staples in the taget backstop all day long. My 10/22T is 100% stock and was a tack driver right when I got it. I don't thnk it has had anything to it. I am considering a drop in trigger assembly, as I think that will help alot. It has the Ruger .920" Hammerforged barrel, and lamminated stock, so maybe that helps. I love to shoot and have around $350 into it. Is the "T" model that much different that the base model? It's the only one I have ever had. My only complaint, it's pretty heavy!

Nice gun K8cca, alot better tan some stink butt Marlin,huh? :D
No way Joe
For whatever reason I have always enjoyed a model 60 more than the 10/22's I have owned or shot. Personel preference I guess.
The 10/22 is a far superior weapon than the model 60 will functuion in all conditions and shoud be with you for the rest of your life. I just picked up a romanian training rifle 22 cal model 1969 and it shoots a 1/2 in group of 5 at 25 yrds and it only cost $75 a great gun to start with its bolt action with 5 round magazine you might want to check one of those out. I'm going to by 6 more for nephews to learn to shoot with.

The Remington 597's trigger housing is a plastic, trigger pull is in fact close to 10 pounds. Buy an aftermarket hammer and take it down to 3 1/2 to 4 pounds. It has 5R rifling; used only in Military sniper rifles, that's what makes it so accurate. The Marlin Model 60 weighs 12 f-ing pounds, it's trigger group isn't a pretty picture either (where do I even start with the trigger group). The tube fed models are pretty much single shots since they jam every f***ing time. The barrel isn't coming off anytime soon, so forget any idea of finding a carbon fiber barrel to take the weight down to about 4 pounds. :target:

That's my 2 cents.

I'm not sure how the new 10-22 barrel is attached to the receiver but my older version (the one that was stolen...grrrrrrrrrr) had, if I remember correctly, an allen headed bolt on the underside of the barrel just in front of the receiver.

Sounds like to me you may have a barrel/receiver connection problem resulting in shooting performance variance. Just a guess, mind ya, but the earlier suggestion of taking into the shop is a good one.

Once again, not being familiar with newer guns, my older one shot just fine, all around.
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