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Discussion in 'Marlin' started by Sober, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Hey I just bought a Marlin 795 for like 100 bucks after the 25 dollar mail in rebate. Midway Usa Is sold out of the magz and Cabelas doesn't have them does anyone know where i can buy them cause I typed it into my search engine and all I got was a bunch of forum stuff and none of it helped. Oh im looking for the 10 round magz, any point in the right direction would be much appreciated...........I was also wondering what this micro rifleing is about do I have to be extra carefull when bore brushing or what? Its was kind of a shock when I got home and looked in the barrel. At first I thought it was defective but then I looked it up.
  2. You don't have to take any extra precautions. Just try to clean it with like a boresnake or something similar so you don't damage the crown. (You should only have to clean the barrel every 1000-1750 rounds) The micro groove rifling distorts the bullet less and there are more grooves compared to regular rifling.

    Before you take it out to shoot it disassemble it and clean it up good. You'll want to get all the "packing grease" out of it otherwise it will jam up on you.


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    Cheaper than dirt has them in stock
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    Thanks for the video Wisconsin and thaks for the website JLB ........The 795 is the new version of the Marlin 70 right? cause the magz say the fit the 25N, 70, 70HC, 70L, 70P, 70PSS, 880, 880SS, 995, 995SS and 7000 so those are the magz I want correct?
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    You can also order parts Directly from Marlin...:)
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    Buds Guns on the internet usually has a good selection of Marlin mags for 10-12 bucks.

    I just ordered some for my new (to me) 882 mag

  7. Will the ATI stock work with the 795 also? I know that hit has a spot to cut out for a clip so i was just curios. They look alot alike is why I ask. Since Shrek is the Marlin Guru lol :D
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    Yep, all ya haveta do is cut out the magwell part, use a 795 T/G, and
    your favorite type of plastic filler to cover the tip of the mag tube hole.

    I'm not thrilled with the ATI stock, as it really doesn't fit well for my gorilla
    just felt funny to me, but others swear by it :)

    I DO suggest Pillar-bedding or regular-bedding for ANY non-OEM stock.

    Heck, bedding a stock is one of the least expensive accurizing things you can DO...which actually WORKS!!