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I have a Marlin Model 60, I'm working on it for a kid that has had a rough time with cancer. He's doing better now. The first issue i had was the recoil buffer...i know, Welcome to the club, right. I thought for sure that the reason the bolt was "Sticky" and felt a bit tight when i pulled it back was because of the ridiculous amount of plastic through the gun from the broken recoil buffer. Well, i thoroughly cleaned and oiled the gun and replaced the recoil buffer and the gun is still tough-sticky-tight (for lack of better words), to pull back to chamber that first round. I'm used to my wifes Ruger 10/22, the bolt pulls back easily and slides forward quick and clean. The Marlin ran fairly well when i took it out today, it did have a couple of FTE's and a couple light strikes, but that was out of 100-120 rounds. I did put the light strikes rounds in to the 10/22 and it didnt fire them either so i suspect those were bad rounds. I also checked the firing pin and it looked dagage, mushrooming or bends. I guess my question would be "are Marlin Model 60's known for being a bit tough to pull back for that first round"? If not, do you have any ideas? The gun was extremely clean and oiled. While i was there, i took it apart looked for worn spots, scrapes or burrs on any parts and found nothing. I Just got home and took it apart again, see pics. Looking for suggestions/help. Thanks guys.


1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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