marlin model 80 DL .22

Discussion in 'Marlin' started by fisher2, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. fisher2

    fisher2 G&G Newbie

    need info hows it shoot what type of .22 does it prefer whats a good size grouping at 41 yards what should i expect from this gun
  2. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    It'll shoot .22 S/L/LR's.

    Standard, High & Hyper velocity.

    At 41 yards, somewhere between dime-sized & quarter-sized groups...if you are capable of 'em :)

    All you will likely need to do to it is buy a few extra mags, clean it, & shoot it.

    If you want even tighter groups than quarters, Pillar-bed it, then slap a good scope & sling on it.
    If you can't do it yourself, Gunsmiths usually charge around $50 for that.

  3. fisher2

    fisher2 G&G Newbie

    can anyone find what clip will fit this? i cant find one that says it will fit this model i see a bunch that sat 10 round for marlin bolt actions or post 88 autoloaders but im ot sure how far back they can go
  4. flyingbrkracing

    flyingbrkracing G&G Enthusiast

    My model 80 is my favorite rimfire and in the top 3 of all my guns(my wife even likes it)
    At 50 yards mine is dime size(one big hole) if I do my part and that is with Federal bulk pack ammo,but I found that it doesn't suffer much with most other bulk ammo.
    At 100 yards its about 5 inches aiming at the top of a shoot-n-see (50 yd zero)using CCI Minimags(this is with a Centerpoint scope from Wally World).
    My LGS stocks mags for mine,they are the "old style" 7 rounders with the release button on them.They are available on Gunbroker also.
  5. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Numrich will be your second home now ;)

    Numrich Gun Parts Corp. - The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories

    Box Mags
    Magazine, .22 Cal., 7 Round, NI
    All those listed, fit your rifle, as they are pretty much the same, with different features.
    MARLIN 780, 20 BOLT ACTION RIFLE, 25 BOLT ACTION Magazine, .22 Cal., 7 Round
    RANGER 36, 34A
    JC HIGGINS 36, 42DL
    JC PENNEY 2035, 2025
    SEARS 103.16, 103.19791, 103.19801, 103.2840, 103.19790, 103.19800, 103.2
    SEARS 103.228, 36, 42, 42DL
    WESTERN AUTO 103.16, 103.18, 103.19790, 103.19800, 103.2, 103.228, 103.2840, 105.2060
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  6. fisher2

    fisher2 G&G Newbie

    wow lol il end up spending more $ on clips for fast reloading then the gun is worth lol
  7. fisher2

    fisher2 G&G Newbie

    any more imput on this gun? how is it accuracy wise?how hard are parts to find? anything i need to know about shooting .22 in general?
  8. flyingbrkracing

    flyingbrkracing G&G Enthusiast

    How much more do you want?
    Parts,accuracy is all there,can't help you with shooting it but I will say that they are really good plinkers.
  9. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Accuracy of Marlins are better than average, due to the Micro-groove barrels.

    All you have to do is find out which ammo shoots BEST...which means lotsa fun testing :D
    (Fat jacketed bullets tend to work best)
    (Avoid Remington Golden Bullet ammo)
  10. Guardian74

    Guardian74 G&G Newbie

    Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me I am looking for a compleat bolt assembly for a 81dl bolt action .22 I lost the orginal bolt and I want to give it to my nephew.
    I checked with Midway usa, numrich, and brownells
    thanks for any help you can give
  11. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    You may have to get an FFL holder/gunsmith to order it for you.
    Numrich has 'em...but ordinary folk can't order them.

    Check Gunbroker periodically also...