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Marlin Model 99:

Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by TNPIRATE, Oct 25, 2011.


    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Yesterday I ran across a Marlin Model 99. It looked like the mechanizam was a shorter version of the model 60 with a carbine styled stock (simular to the M1 Carbine). I went on the net and took a look at it to find out more about it. According to the net it holds 7 in the tube, and 1 in the pipe semi auto. I was thinking that if anything was to go wrong with it and it was infact a short version of the model 60 parts would not be that hard get (from what I have read on this site). I did remember the serial number and the first 2 digets were 70. Someone had posted a Marlin serial number on this site at one time and I copied it. The manufacture date with this serial number is 1970. I also went into the gun auctions on the net and the prices ranged from 137.00 (that auction closed) all the way up to a little over 300.00. Does anyone know a little more about this rifle and what it might be worth?


    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Maybe I should have posted in the Marlin section. I just went back to the list of forums and saw Marlin. DUH
  3. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    The M99M1 is a fore-runner of tyhe Model 60 and is a fun gun to shoot. Accuracy may wane due to age but it can still take out a rabbit or two.
    I currently have 2; a 71 and a 72...along with their sister the 989M2 which is a box mag. The first one I've owned was around 1968.
    The carbine holds 9 in the tube and 1 in the chamber. I've never had to replace parts in any so can't vouch for the interchange of parts.

    Did you buy it? Does it have the rear sight or is it scoped? The rear sight is a rare beast so don't loose it.

    They were disigned to look like the M1 carbine so their appearance not a fluke of fate.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Thanks for the info. No I did not pick it up (yet). I really can't buy right now due to some X wife crap in the Kalifornication state. I have been working with the Public Pretenders out there to get crap cleared up. They are saying it will take 2 months, and it's been about a month now. But I may give the money to my dad and let him get it, and hold it for me.
    This one had the rear sites and scope mounted to it, along with what looked like the old M1 leather sling. I have a friend in Kalifornication that knows someone who deals in guns. I asked him to see how much they could pick one up out there for, just to get a price range of course. This one was in a pawn shop and we all know how they work. They will pay you 50 to 75 bucks and then jack up the price about 150 bucks or so.
    It looks like a sweet little rifle.
    That's the way my Glenfield Model 25 is. Open sites ain't worth nothin. If you were to shoot a rabbit with it using the open sites you would have to lead the rabbit by 2ft and let the rabbit run into the bullet. Fixed that problem tho, mounted a scope on it. Shoots like a dream now.
  5. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Not quite a fore-runner with the 99M1...

    There are several versions of the 99.
    The Plain Ole 99 (no letters following) was made form 1959-1961, then the Marlin 60 hit in 1960...
    followed by the 99-DL, 1960-1965,
    and the Glenfield 99-G, 1960-1965,
    followed by the 99-C, 1962-1978,
    followed by the 99M1, 1966-1979...

    Waitaminit, we did a major posting on this very subject about a year or two ago...
    somewhere on the net (RFC) is a listing of all Model 60
  6. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    The rear sight on the 99M1/989M2...WAY better than the sights that are OEM-standard now.
    It alone sells for an average $100 on auction sites.
    So without it, any 99M1/989M2 is just another 60/795 missing a rear sight, and should be priced accordingly.

    That M1/M2 sight is screw-adjustable for height & side-to-side. Its like a Pre-Tech Sight, kinda.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    I couldn't really see the rear site. It looked like a peep site with the screw knobs for elevation and windage. The pawn shop was asking 219.00. Would that be a fair price, if they are unwilling to negociate? You always have to negociate a price.
  8. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Hrm, sounds like someone put a Williams FP on it...which wouldn't be a bad deal either. Just not original.
    I'd try to get 'em down at least $40-50, but that's just me, I'm a cheap bastich :)
    In the sub-$200 range, well worth it. Still worth it at $219, but I always feel better the less I pay :D

    Asking for a better price, is, "What's the best you can do on this thing so I don't haveta go buy a new Marlin 60 for $169?" ;)

    Good Luck :)
  9. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    If you can talk him down a bit, like Shrek said, buy it! My 99M1 is a fun little 'bunny blaster', light and handy. Tried it scoped once, but I like it iron-sighted much better. I lucked out and have the OEM rear sight.
    If you do need parts, the 'early' model 60 parts would be the ones to get. Later parts are a tad different. Tried putting the guts of my 60SB into the 99M1, just for giggles. Didn't work.....
    The stock on mine is walnut too. Don't know if all 99M1's were walnut.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Thank you all for the info. You can bet that I am goin to try and talk them down. Never pay full price for anything.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    I went back to the pawn shop to day to check on that Marlin Model 99. Yep still there. Looks like I'm gettin me a Christmas present. I got my stuff taken care of in Kalifornication. Only took me a month, and not the 2 months they were talkin. So when the phone calls were done I went down and checked it out again. Didn't have the cash on me but I asked the guy if I could put it on layaway. Cool he did. Original price 219.00 and the lowest he would go was 170.00, out the door including background check. So figure minus the 10.00 for the background might as well say 160.00 for the rifle. Layaway ain't bad, I will for sure be pickin it up at the end of the month.

    Would like to thank all of you again for your post on the Marlin Model 99. You can bet that I will be posting pics when I get it.

    TNPIRATE Landlubber Pirate Forum Contributor

    Well I did a little bit closer inspection of it this time. And I'm kind of bumbed out but not much. No peep sites.
  13. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Would have been nice if Marlin had used peep sights, but the factory sight works well. Too bad so many owners removed them to scope the rifle - I have no problem using higher rings and putting a scope on WITH the rear sight in place.
    The OEM rear sight can be as much as a complete rifle in price!
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