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The ol' Spring Trick works . . .
. . . fairly well. I did my 25MN and my new 17V last night - took about ten minutes each, and I wasn't hurrying.
I used the springs from a pair of Pilot "Easytouch" retractable ballpoint pens. Didn't have to trim them - they fit right in.
I did the 25MN first, and polished the sides of the trigger while it was out, as well as the notch surface. I used the ultra-fine (1200# or better) sanding paper that came in a model-finishing kit from Wally World, just enough to give it a shine and smooth out the machinging marks. A little dab of Outer's Gunslick to lube it, and then reassembled.
It made a noticible improvement, a little lighter pull and much smoother. The improvement was even more apparent on the 17V, maybe because it didn't have any "useage wear" yet and so was still a bit gritty to begin with.
Both passed the "bang it on the floor" test with flying colors.
With our local range closed for more renovation, it may be a little while til I can test fire them - but they feel much better now.
Wish I had a trigger-pull scale to measure it, so it's all subjective at this point.
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