Marriage on the rocks

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    Guys I am in deep. I came home with 2 Yugo SKS on Friday and she hit the roof. I mean she was/IS pissed. She wants me to sell one. I said I would but I am going to hold off until she gives up, or kicks me out. I got a good deal - $160+tax. I tried to explain it but she ain't buying it now.
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    I would suggest you give up. Even if she gives up on this, I guarantee you she will make you pay for it later and in ways too horrible to mention. You can always get another one later, but if she throws in the towel on you over this, life will be miserable, and you may not get to keep the guns anyways. Is her happiness and your piece of mind worth the difference between what you paid for these guns now vs. what they might cost later? If so, then you probably shouldn't be married to this woman. Just speaking from experience.


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    Ben She always nags when I buy guns I just really stepped in it this time. I really didn't think she would be upset over this. It seems If I had bought only one she would have been ok with it. It's not that bad I am sure things will blow over soon. Its not nearly as bad as I made it sound; but she is pissed
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    Let's see 2 Yugo SKS's or your wife? Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Slap!! That was the sound of my hand smacking you upside your head! Brother HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED!!!
    Especially, especially, especially over a gun!

    And thats no BS, take it from a fella who knows!!!

    You can probably get a cool $200 for one of 'um, just like that. They had 'um all over the last gun show I went to for over $200, most around $220-240. So sell one and save yourself alot of misery - and I mean misery!!

    I would rather be audited, tarred and feathered, and my beer taken before I'll go through that hell agin!

    And if I would up beer, you know it had to be bad!!!
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    What I did with mine was come up with a budget so that I'd have some free money to do with whatever I wanted, 'cept for buying whores and such. Then I saved up enough money to get what I wanted, and she had nothing to say about it, and since she'd already agreed to it, she couldn't get mad at me. Long as I spend a little of my rathole money on her once in a while, she don't care much. The other way, it was like pullin'g teeth with her to get her to give me back money I'd earned. Seems kinda wierd asking for my own money back, but that's what wives do nowadays I guess. At least she puts out more'n what those danged models did. They got expensive quick. A woman can lose an awful lot of beauty when they exceed their limits in other areas.
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    You should have hidden one of them. I recommend giving in to her. The SKSs are not worth it, unless they are your only guns.

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    My wife doesn't care as long as I pay for it out of MY pocket.
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    your busted! go a head and sacrifice one mabe. Live to fight another day. do a bit of pre-planning. or, like Klaus said hide it and bring it in to the fold slowly.
    Good luck!
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    You just need a little more practice............ I'd swear up and down that I got one for her! Yupper I woulda.

    Of course then I'd duck! She-who-must-be-obeyed is no dummy.

    Good Luck!
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    If it ever does go sour, get the guns out of the house pronto. What can't be found, can't be taken. All a man really needs is his guns and his clothes. Of course you can run around nekkid if ya want but I ain't got as much to brag about as Klaus does! :(
  11. Ok dear I will trade it in for a nice cast iron frying pan--so you can hit me up side the head .
  12. NRAJOE

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  13. Yeah thats me--A very hard head. Man it would sound like the Liberty Bell.
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    I get in that kind of trouble all the time...not just guns though...last time it was a four barrel carburator...time before was a Playstation 2 game and two memory cards...
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    As someone who occasionaly ends up in the doghouse rember the three F's Flowers, Fancy Dinners and Frequent Grovealing.....Dont try logic...wont work..good deal or not you are so busted....Even if you give up the guns you will be reminded...for at least 20 years about the time you bought them....This is a time to act like a man.....and beg for forgiveness...or at least a pardon....admit your mistake (in her eyes not ours)......brak out the visa couse its gona get warmed up and think massive tokens to show that you understand your mistake. Haveing 2 sisters, 3 daughters and a wife I belive the formula is 2x the ammount you $360X2...yep you might want to hit the jewlery store...a dozen roses per gun...+ 1 for being a man..finner and a neckless should get you at least a blanket for the couch...unlike most preist plan on adhearing to the vow of celabicy for at least a week......good luck my friend our prayers are with you :)
  16. WORTH IT!!!!


  17. Ahhhh women.....


    Yup, you stepped in it. But then, you married her!!! LOL!!!

    Everytime I step in it, one of my best buds says, "Well dude, I saw your wedding pictures, and I didn't see a gun aimed at you in any of them."

    My best advice, sell one and buy her something really nice, you know something worth about 1/2 of the profit...tee hee.....

    And, after 13 years of marrage, I still don't understand why she gets so upset when I go and be me and buy something else (step in it again).

    But then, no matter how much you talk, and how much they get to know you when you are dating and engaged, they marry you with the thought of molding you to their image of what you could be with their "help".

    Personally I think women are all a member of a vast cult, that or wedding cake does something to their brains........:loveydove
    But then I am still with her and still love her after all these years...

    Good luck.
  18. Well be carefull or you will wake up one day and your wife and kid will be gone. You bank will be empty. YOu will be accused of all kinds of things that are not true, and it will cost ten grand just to see you kid. There will be another guy driving your car you bought for you wife, and playing with your kid. It sounds far fetched but that is the story of the last year of my life. My wife took off and hid my daughter from me for 2 months, told my 2 year old at the time our house burned down and daddy died. So sell one of the SKS and buy her somethng shiney and give her a hug. You will be happier in long run.
  19. Shaun

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    If its going to affect the quality of life or the marriage I would give in the other factor if she is not looking to see the cash say you sold it and set it aside in your safe or in the attic in a silica gel bag to keep away the corrosion

    My personal choice would be to make the marriage last I went therough the divorce thing and it sucks. I look at it this way if we hadn't divorced I might have a few little one's running around now to plan to teach shooting too in a few years. We split over other reasons but still the premise is value the relationship over the stuff.
  20. BattleRifleG3

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    My thoughts, being 20 and unmarried, are that there's a difference between a woman hating guns altogether and thinking that enough money has already been spent on them. Some women have one and act like it's the other. My goal is to get enough guns before I'm married. Yeah, we say you can never have too many guns, but I think it's better to get alot of use and skill with a few good guns than to get everything out there. Make choices and stick to them. That way, if you and a buddy have different guns, you can share new experiences, and have something that brings you together.

    Something I've concluded about prospective wives, though: Hatred of guns in the hands of responsible citizens is pretty close to bigotry, and if a woman is like that, she can find someone besides me. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem not getting any additional guns after marriage if money isn't high. But if my wife thinks we need an automatic transmission, power windows, and a variety of luxuries, Guns aren't going to get the back seat.

    I dunno, what do you older and wiser people think?