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  1. Got this email from a friend who is a healthcare provider....


    We have been hectored, harangued, and harassed into wearing masks, even though there is not one single, solitary, random controlled study that shows that they have ever worked. Not one.

    But no matter. At the beginning of this pandemic, Dr. Fauci, the Oracle at Delphi to the regressive left, told 60 Minutes (on March 8), “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Nothing about the actual science regarding masks has changed one little tiny bit since then.

    The governor of Connecticut, a Democrat (big surprise there) named Ned Lamont has now issued his 70th(!) executive order dealing with coronavirus. (Nothing says leadership like an endless stream of dictatorial mandates.) His latest edict mandates that anyone who leaves home without a mask is subject to a $100 fine. And get this - almost anybody in state government can hand these tickets out to miscreants like they were lottery tickets.

    The Commissioner of Public Health, who has absolutely no legal enforcement powers, can fine people a C-note. So can local health directors, district health directors, municipal chief executive officers, and even public safety departments at institutions of higher education. As David Horowitz would put it, he has “e-mask-ulated” his entire population.

    There might be some justification for this if masks actually worked. But they don’t. They never have, and they never will. In fact it is scientifically impossible for masks to work. If we “follow the science,” as pro-maskers yammer about incessantly, then we would cancel every mask mandate in the country today.

    Here’s the actual science on masks and respiratory illness, as Daniel Horowitz writes:

    "Because the virions of coronavirus are roughly 100 nanometers, 1/1000 the width of a hair and 1/30 the size of surgical mask filtrations (about 3.0 microns or 3,000 nanometers), surgical masks (not to mention cloth ones) do not help...Surgical masks could possibly stop large droplets from those coughing with very evident symptoms, but would not stop the flow of aerosolized airborne particles, certainly not from asymptomatic individuals."

    In other words, the pores in masks are 30 times wider and bigger than the virus they’re supposed to catch. As one observer said, using a mask to protect yourself from a respiratory virus is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence.

    Here is information from the CDC, which is the Vatican of virology for anti-Trumpers. Last spring, after looking at 10 randomized controlled trials (the gold standard as far as Dr. Fauci is concerned), we have this: “[T]he CDC, as late as May, was citing the 10 randomized controlled trials that showed "no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks."

    If that’s not enough, how about this from The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford: “(It) summarized six international studies which ‘showed that masks alone have no significant effect in interrupting the spread of ILI or influenza in the general population, nor in healthcare workers.’”

    Here’s some more from Horowitz’s article: Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell: the scientific evidence for mask-wearing to prevent COVID-19 is "astonishingly weak."

    Netherlands Medical Care Minister Tamara van Ark: "From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation."

    Public Health England concluded, "There is weak evidence from epidemiological and modelling studies that mask wearing in the community may contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

    Horowitz cites work by our own HHS, which concludes that wearing masks since they serve as bacteria traps, incubators, and transport devices for pathogens, might actually make you sick:

    In June, HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality funded a systemic review of all relevant randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on the effectiveness of mask-wearing in stopping respiratory infections and published the findings in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The conclusion was as clear as it is jarring to the current cult-like devotion to mask-wearing. "Review of RCTs indicates that N95 respirators and surgical masks are probably associated with similar risk for influenza-like illness and laboratory-confirmed viral infections in high- and low-risk settings."

    HHS looked at eight trials with over 6,000 participants and concluded:

    “Compared with no masks, surgical masks were not associated with decreased risk for clinical respiratory illness, influenza-like illness, or laboratory-confirmed viral illness in household contacts when masks were worn by household contacts, index cases, or both."

    Quebec’s public health director, Horacio Arruda, said, masks "get saturated with moisture from the mouth and nose after about 20 minutes. Once they're wet, they no longer form a barrier against viruses trying to come through or exit."

    Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, an infectious disease doctor at UCLA, said wearing masks is all psychological, not physiological, biological, or scientific. Masks “only make you feel better.”

    In other words, our manic obsession with masks is a matter of political science, not actual science. It’s voodoo virology, not real virology.

    This is how Horowitz concludes his article:

    “We have become emasculated as a society. We have become a people who are willing to surrender every morsel of our liberty at the ever-changing and capricious whims of ‘public health officials,’ even when they are appallingly contradictory and without any evidence justifying the 180-degree U-turn ... our passivity has allowed our entire country to become a Halloween nightmare masquerade every day, with no end in sight.”

    This is from The Stand, published on 9-21-2020. It is an American Family Association site. If that bothers you, fine. Check out the sources of the quotes, and research them yourself. I continue to wear a mask when required by law, but I wear it a little as possible, and I resent being required to do so. Masks are practically useless, and are dangerous. My grandchildren are required to wear one NINE HOURS a day at school! They might as well be drinking ditch water.
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    The "mask supporters" are NOT interested in Factual Scientific studies. I have stated in several threads the exact same thing as the OP, that masks DO NOT STOP THE SPREAD OF VIRUS, because air passes through them and around them. I studied the medical journal articles at the library, 10 years ago, that stated masks do not stop the passage of exhaled viruses.

    At this point, the information is well documented. Everyone has to choose for themselves to get the facts, or to submit to the propaganda that supports the agenda of dehumanizing people and enslaving them.

    I will NOT submit, because I KNOW the facts.

    Sheeple will march to slaughter.


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    This is anecdotal evidence but most of the people I personally know who have contracted the virus were diligent mask wearers (although whether they wore those masks correctly is debatable - the majority of the people I see don't). The cloth masks are total garbage and that is what 3/4 of people are wearing.

    I don't make my kids wear masks; they are 5 and 2. The ordinance in VA is children under 10 are exempt. I see 'Karens' in the stores all the time with their little kids masked and they look at me like I am a bad person. I thought it was finally going to happen about a week ago and one of them was going to have a meltdown on me. I've taken to carrying some brass knucks in my pocket for when it finally happens and I have to lay one out.
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    The article you mentioned is just an exact reprint of what came out int he Blaze and Politico a couple weeks ago. Most of it is old data based on what was thought before June. Some of their mask studies were maybe 10 years old and dealt with common flu and viruses, nothing really current.

    There are recent actual medical articles that tend to take the politics out of it. For example, the article cited the Annals of Internal Medicine. They just published an article last week about how Covid is spread. Their findings were that it is spread by aerosols or droplets, mostly through respiratory openings, we breathe it in and seldom get it off of surfaces. Perhaps the more important finding is that distance and ventilation are the best ways to keep from getting the infection. Makes sense.

    Another press release they just did on Sep 22, makes it clear that the 2 highest risk factors of death from the disease are old age and obesity. I will not go in depth but fat takes away the ability of the immune system to work so BMI relates to high incidence of death if we get it.

    Then there are many more recent medical reports indicating methods of infection. The link below is perhaps my favorite, LOL. The study found that if a person on another floor of your apartment building had the disease, that their crap, fecal material, would go to aerosol when the stool was flushed. That sshiiitty vapor could then leak through the piping which may have aged and broken the seals or air traps, and infect people who live in the apartments below. Think about that. If you live in a high rise in New York and some person living on a floor above you can infect you via fecal aerosols simply by flushing their stool. This is science.

    As far as masks: On September 16th, the AMA just came out with a finding that masks prevent the spread and they give their estimates of lives saved, etc.
    They cite a study out of the University of Washington showed that if 95% of Americans wore masks, we would actually be able to decrease the death rate between August and November by up to 34,000 people.

    Perhaps a study by Bringam Young University is more telling about the effectiveness of masks.
    It is pretty straight forward and reviews dozens of scientific studies and does not have a political slant that I could see. Worth the read and the data remains current. It shows where every major scientific study done shows that masks are effective in preventing the spread. It also does a detailed analysis of which masks work better and which ones do not. Just common sense really, multi-layers with offset fibers simply have a better chance of capturing or slowly down the tiny particles. I use a 3 layer cloth mask with a 3 layer fiber insert when I wear one.
    Then there are the interesting little tidbits you might find interesting. For example, a JAMA research article found that people who wear glasses are less likely to become infected with Covid. Why> because the eye is a source of infection and glasses shield the eyeball, maybe.

    Anyway, just suggesting that reading the actual science is probably more accurate than the politically biased groups like the Blaze or Politico or the Stand or others who have a political agenda. Not that I disagree with much of what they say, I just do not trust them when I can read the medical articles for myself. And acknowledging that the early reporting and recommendations of the WHO, the CDC and everyone else was, well, pretty much wrong. All the recent science seems to be on the same wave length now, the politicians maybe not. Keep safe.

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    ANY medical "article" published THIS year is HIGHLY suspect of agenda driven bias, no matter who authored it.

    Unless the study was peer reviewed and published in JAMA or a leading Virology publication, it is NOT the accepted medical standard.

    The size of viruses has NOT changed in the last 10 years.
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    How ANY sane person could believe this is beyond me. First off, little Johnny Virus survives the trip though your digestive system. Now thuroughly installed in the waste matter, little Johnny Virus breaks free during the flushing procedure. Somehow JV finds a way out of the piping system as he travels through your home or apartment building. You would already have pee and poop on your floor by now and if that's the case you've got problems enough. Watch out for the JV if you do any plumbing repairs guys.
    Give me a break!
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    Yep, as I said one of my favorites. Since April they have been covid testing sewer in college dorms. They say they can predict an outbreak of cases a few days before the kids get sick, so they take action before people show up in the ER. Just this week a new one showed up in the Northeast, New Jersey. Go figure.

    Here is one of their statements:
    While it may sound unusual, health experts have been using fecal waste to keep tabs on infectious pathogens for decades. For example, sewage testing has successfully been used to detect diseases such as polio.

    Personally I am not sure I believe anything they see in a microscope. Those things just complicate life. They always find germs when they look. lol
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    You are not going to see a virus in a regular microscope. It takes an electron microscope to get to the virus level. That right there negates any effect that a mask would have in stopping a virus. Masks are good at magnifying glass sized particles and maybe ok at microscope size particles but virus's, its utter nonsense.

    If someone or entity puts out a mask mandate, its purely political. If a person says its science based, they are a liar making anything else they might have to say very suspect. In recent days I heard on a local news program that 85% or more of positive tested people claimed to of been mask wearer's. Saying a mask is doing something leads people to think they are somehow safe from getting infected and that is 100% false. Same is true of those who have tested positive thinking wearing a mask will keep them from infecting someone else,, that is also 100% false.

    That same news program stated that a U of I study showed that only about 50% of people actually washed their hands after using the restroom and that far fewer actually used soap if they did stop to "wash". People are sick whether they show it or not.
  9. mitchr

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    I've been considering getting a face shield to wear rather than a mask.
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    LOL, that line about the size of the virus was tongue in cheek. You might look at my earlier comments on the size of elections and what they look like to the typical BLM activist. I said this:
    So, if any get beyond that, then how many can tell you the power of a coulomb... is equal to 6.28 x 10 to the 18th power (billion, billion) electrons. For example, if an object gains one coulomb of negative charge, it has gained 6,280,000,000,000,000,000 extra electrons. Now ask them how big an electron is.

    All you lectricians know it is too small to see, all you engineers know it is not round, or not proven to be, and all the BLM people would think maybe you could take a picture and then zoom it on your phone so you could see it. Now ask them what color it is to the human eye visible spectrum. Whuuuttt?

    Your comment mentioned a news program. News programs are not really scientific data. If you read the actual abstracts I have provided in links you will see they are the raw science, not somebody's opinion, I try only to provide peer reviewed scientific articles that are then accepted for publication by the American Medical Association directly, or JAMA, or Lancet, anything else is just what somebody wants to say.

    One of the links I provided had a series of doctors from across the country who were commenting on what they wished the public actually knew about the added security of masks. He indicated that most people who go to a surgeon or for any medical procedure would always demand that the surgeon wear a mask while working on them. Notice what one of them said:
    I'm a general surgeon. Surgeons have known for years the importance of wearing masks to decrease infection spread. COVID is respiratory. The nose is involved. Surgeons know that you want to make sure that you mask above the nose and over the mouth to be effective. Unfortunately, we have to keep re-discussing the same points that keep coming up from different versions. But we're back to the same idea that masks do work, and where they're used, spread is decreased and the severity is decreased.

    This is from the AMA, September 16, 2020, just 10 days ago, the most prestigious medical group in the nation and probably the world. That is science, not a news article.

    And here is how those doctors closed that press release made specifically for people like you and me who might be confused about how masking can slow the flow of the tiny particles through 3-6 layers of fabric and fiber. Also, remember it is about the viral load, not that you get just one sample or whiff of the virus in your airway, but the amount that you get in total, the viral load.
    Unger: Well, thank you so much, Dr. Welsh, Dr. Riddle and Dr. Correa, for being here today and sharing your perspectives. This video was actually inspired by what is now one of the most popular articles on the AMA site, Six Things Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew About Masks. So thanks for reinforcing how vital it is that patients do wear masks. It's not political, it's about safety and it's about the data. You can wear them for long periods of time. Make sure you wear them right by covering your nose and your mouth. Know when to wear a mask and make sure when you're not having physical distancing, when you're inside; how important that is.

    Then of course there is the issue of temperature and humidity and static electricity on the flow of the virus and how masks with more than one type of material can also further slow or reduce the flow. I have lots of data on that, but it would take way too much space here.

    All these doctors think they work, so maybe they are right. Not one medical association or peer reviewed scientific report or study has proven that masks do not reduce the risk, that is why doctors wear them. Is there any doctor anywhere who does not wear them when working on covid patients? Just saying, my opinion or some news article means nothing really, only peer reviewed medical studies that meet the minimum standards of scientific research can be relied on, everything else is just someone's opinion. The mask thing is then over ridden by people who want to politically use it as a weapon. So, many people will totally rebel and that will cause additional spread of the disease. And then you have cases like the lady tased for not following a school policy and the emotions run high. Common sense would suggest if you go into a crowded school, a mask will save the spread of infections, but out in the bleachers in the wind, common sense would suggest it is a waste of time, but the emotions run high and medical evidence and common sense go out the door.

    So, anybody is free to do as they will. IMHO
  11. Ranger4

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    And a bullet proof vest. Mine is so old the straps are rotting off. I am pretty sure a Class II or IIA level vest will stop the virus. Not sure how to fit it too my face though.
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    This whole thing abandoned science long ago. We've posted many threads about it. The mask wearing by the general public has no medical value and may well be counterproductive by providing a growth medium for bacteria and viruses, and then allowing that grown bacteria to spread via touch (as well as keeping a Petri dish against your face devoid of air and UV).

    If you elect to wear a santized or single use properly fitted mask more power to ya. MIGHT do some good.

    The thought of going through a mandated dehumanizing no benefit ritual to allay fears that shouldn't be there in the first place is absurd. So it's just like gun control; some sort of feel good crap which in practice makes things worse. But people take the position "oh, we're all wearing masks so can go to school and the monsters won't come" relying on an untrue paradigm to allay some fear.

    That's probably OK for an individual to make a choice. But not to force others to do so which is why this whole thing has been completely nuts with real harm.

    Like I've said--ya wonder how Germany, Russia, Cambodia (or other nations) went insane ? Well, THIS is how. You're getting a history lesson. Never happen here ? Well, it is and we're living it.
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  13. TXplt

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    FWIW, the size of an electron isn't really the principle behind an electron microscope; it's its quantum wavelength which theoretically can be 100K times smaller than the typical light used in a conventional microscope. While subject to engineering constraints this in practice gives resolution perhaps 5000x better than the best light microscopes.
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  14. Ten Man

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    I read the whole interview you quoted, and I will just point out that AT NO TIME DID THEY SAY THE PROPERLY WORN MASK STOPS THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. What the several doctors said was that a properly worn mask will stop the spread of infection. "Infection" being transmitted by exhaled or coughed droplets, NOT by simple breathing. If those same masks were offered to the those same doctors, with the doctors wearing them "properly" as they stated, and then you asked them to go into a virology lab, which REQUIRES FULL HAZMAT SUIT PROTOCOL, they would say, "NO, and you are nuts." WHY? Because they KNOW that a simple face mask does NOT STOP THE FLOW OF A VIRUS BEING EXHALED THROUGH IT.

    So, you have to conclude that the COVID-19 is NOT an airborne virus as they claimed, OR you have to conclude that wearing the mask has NO beneficial effect for normally respirating individuals. The ONLY positive effect the mask has is to keep infected SYMPTOMATIC individuals from coughing or sneezing droplets into the face or onto the skin of another individual. As the gubmint works, they can't control just one individual, so they mandate that EVERYONE has to wear the mask.

    As I said before, you can quote all the doctors you want this year, but ANY of them that are telling the public that a simple mask will stop the spread of a virus, is simply lying, and denying the previous 20 years of medical research on virus transmission.

    Hospital staffs and surgeons wear surgical masks to prevent their exhales, coughs or sneezes from transmitting bacterially infected droplets to the open surgical site of the patient they are operating on. That is it. THAT is the infection that has been demonstrated to be stopped by masks. NOT viruses that are airborne.
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    You make a great point. But stating that doctors are lying about everything mask related is probably not accurate but certainly you can have your opinion. Here is why I say that. The research that I quote is very specific and very narrow in application. We need to look at the actual data they use and the actual conclusion they make, not what some politician or shock jock reporter says.

    Stopping transmission totally or reducing the viral load or the amount of infected genomes a second person might inhale is still an issue. It is only a big deal in indoor settings and then varies with the rate of ventilation or replacement with outside air. Every medical organization in the nation says masks should be worn indoors where ventilation is limited, 100% of them. SO, to say they are all lying is probably a stretch.

    When a medical research study concludes that masking reduces the outflow of an infected person during respiration, and that is the research, you can believe it or not based on some 10 year old study of masks relating to the common virus and flu at the time of those studies. That does not make them liars, that makes them reporters of what they are finding in that narrow application today. What I am citing are narrow reports of the actual current effects of masking in certain limited forums. If they report that various types of masks also reduce the viral load which in turn reduces the number of bad outcomes, that does not make them liars at all, just reporters of what they found in those particular settings. That research then would only apply to a similar setting. For example, in the cruise line cases, they found that people who wore masks had better outcomes, and less deaths. You need to read the actual abstract of those analysis to understand the result. In those cases, most people would conclude you would be nits not to wear a mask if stuck on a cruise ship which had infected people on board. The only logical forward application of such a study might be if you were stuck in a building with similar ventilation for an extended period of time, the logic would be that the use of masks would reduce the rate and severity of infections. Then such research data might be useful for policy makers. So, would a military commander of a naval vessel want to compel the use of masks n this ship if some of his guys got infected? Sure that would be a logical edict. Should that be extended to say people in a college dorm when some are found to be infected? Maybe so, the data would support the use of masks.

    If some politician or media outlet then alters those findings, or gives an opinion stating something other than exactly what the research found, they may in fact be liars.

    The "mask research" that makes the most sense deals with the fact, that Covid does not simply shoot out like a bullet in the oval size they are measured. It is surrounded by a little fat particle and usually comes out in clusters. If that cluster collides with one of the fibres of a mask, then it slows the speed, and it may deflect the angle of travel, just like a bullet. If it misses the first layer of the mask it has the same ratio of probability of hitting the second layer of the mask as it did with the first layer, and likewise a reduction in speed and perhaps a deflected angle which again, causes it to lose speed, just like a bullet. The same effect with the third layer, and the reason they recommend at least 3 layers. I have some masks I bought on a military base, nice hunting camo colors, that are 3 layers of cotton and they take disposable inserts that have 3 layers of a different kind of material somewhat like coffee filters. Will those 6 layers slow the flow of the covid outward? Maybe, will they slow the flow of the virus if I am breathing in, probably. I have worn the mask 3 hours once while on a military base only taking it off when away from people. It sucks and it was about 87 degrees, hard on an old man with COPD and asthma, but it was my choice to be there. The local base commander gets to make that rule, I am a guest there as a retiree.

    The reason I am willing to do that is simply because the virus is likely certain death for me due to certain lung damage from toxic fumes during military service. I am the caregiver for my wife, if I croak, she is left high and dry, so I make that sacrifice.

    However, I do not do so without my own detailed research. Not to belabor the point because my opinion is that you view the entire issue as a political one, I do not because of my own current research. I have been involved in that type or research for decades so I feel comfortable with my ability to sort fact from fiction and politics from science.

    There are dozens of actual mask/no maks comparison of indoor exposure where the group who wore masks still got infections, but their resulting disease had very little in terms of bad outcomes and most were asymptomatic. Here is an article citing many of them, from cruise ships to meat packing plants, the places where masks were worn, had much less sickness. Still had infections, just fewer deaths or bad outcomes. For anyone that really wants to examine the exact data, here is a link that lists in the footnote a large number of such accounts. If a person has already made up their mine and not interested in the large body of evidence then they should not bother, it is a lot of reading.

    The Springer report cites dozens of studies. A person needs to read them all if they really wanted to be educated on the data. Or not. They are not going to change anyone's mind unless they are truly opened minded. It is what it is. Our family was skeptical until many of our group got it an one died, one without any medical issues. So, we read and study in detail and we do no read anything put out by political rags. Waste of time in my view. I can think for myself.
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    To think a mask can be effective is the same as saying 1 is greater than any number larger than 1. In the case of the masks 1 would have to be greater than a number almost a thousand times the size of 1.
    There is no rational, political bending, or mythology that creates a worm hole that gets you around that metrology.
    If this idiotology worked we would not have to worry about people jumping off cliffs or buildings. The jumper would just get stuck between buildings on the way down, or stuck between mountain peaks and it would stop them from hitting the ground.
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    My wife forced me into town yesterday to help unload about 300 pounds of brass at the post office in Noble, Oklahoma. Some were wearing masks, most weren’t. As we were leaving, a woman in an SUV was backing out. She was wearing a mask inside her SUV! I made my wife stop a for a minute. I got out and pointed at her and started laughing at her. She looked at me and took off. I would have loved to have flipped her the double fingers, but I resisted. This $hit has gone on long enough! Go enjoy life and just stay a ways back from people. Masks are making people even sicker!
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  18. TXplt

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    You got alot of common sense there, Bob !
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  19. redcaddy51

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    In the last couple of months, I have ingested a great amount of data concerning the use of fiber facemasks to reduce the amount of viral , transmission of disease.

    This is what I believe. "if someone farts in a closed space, and you smell it in your mask, that mask ain't doing diddly to protect you" The airborne particles that your nose interprets as "smell" is way bigger than a virus.

    If you are not living in a level 2 (gumby) suit, your body is encountering several thousand viruses and bacteria every day. If you walk barefoot across your septic tank drain field or step on a sanitary sewer manhole cover your imune system has to kill E coli bacteria. (we eat a surprising amount every day, yes everybody.)

    If your immune system is suppressed low enough, the good bacteria in your gut will kill you.

    Stop following the media hustle , hype and lies. Eat a reasonable diet, exercise moderately, stop worrying about stuff you cannot change, keep a positive outlook and enjoy what you can of life every day. This silly crap won't last forever, no matter what the left leaners, socialist's and Marxist's say.

    If you ain't having fun once in a while, yer doing it wrong.,

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  20. Ranger4

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    Why would you ridicule her? Why would you make fun of another human being of whom you know nothing about? Maybe she just lost a family member to covid? I also saw where an Oklahoma State Trooper died of it this weekend. Maybe that was his wife or daughter or sister.

    I just read that over 1,000 people have died of covid in Oklahoma, one of them related to me and in that family 13 got it and all of those are in Oklahoma. Did she have anyone in the car with her? Every cop I know now is making sure they never transport anyone without a mask on. And people hauling other people's kids are expected to do that because breathing the same air inside a car increases the risk. And I know that in nearby Pauls Valley Oklahoma, one judge and nearly a dozen deputies all came down with it, they breath the same air in the same courtroom.
    I know about it because one of them is a family member, and that is just down the road from Noble, Oklahoma.

    I also just read that Oklahoma has now become the 3rd highest state in the nation for people being tested positive for covid. Third highest in the nation. Wow, maybe that is why she is concerned?

    I also read that Noble is in Cleveland County where 70 people have already died in less than 6 months and over 6,000 have tested positive.

    Maybe she is related to one of the 70 dead people in your county. Just not sure why you want to jump out and make fun of people. Why not just let them choose to take care of their family as they see fit?

    Just because you have not had anyone die from it or just because you think it is nuts does not give you the right to jump out of your car and pick on some woman you do not even know.

    Do you pick on a lot of women? Sorry for the rant, must be my Christian upbringing, just do not believe in being abusive to women, puppies and small children. YMMV